Engineering Privacy by Design Reloaded

(Feb 15, 2018) In this paper, Seda Gürses, Princeton University; Carmela Troncoso, Gradiant; and Claudia Diaz, COSIC/iMinds, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven, summarize their initial conceptualization  of how experts apply data minimization strategies. Specifically, based on a study of existing privacy preserving systems, they first elaborate on the design strategies hidden behind the term data minimization, offering a preliminary description of the activities that a privacy engineer performs to appl... Read More

The impact of public privacy on corporate governance

(Jan 26, 2018) New to the IAPP Resource Center is the research paper "The impact of public privacy on corporate governance: How recent findings in the Common Thread Network can impact corporate directors," by Jason Woywada, CIPP/C, CIPM. The paper explores research pointing to a gap between public values of privacy and current corporate behavior, related to countries' adoption of extraterritorial regulations and cross-border cooperation. Offering a review of recent mass market surveys from the Common Thread Ne... Read More

The CIPP/C exam gets an update

(Jan 26, 2018) As changes in privacy law and therefore privacy practices happen at such a rapid pace, IAPP exams undergo annual updates to ensure that new topics, legislation and more make it onto the test pages to keep IAPP-certified privacy professionals ahead of the proverbial curve. The IAPP introduced an updated version of its CIPP/C exam Jan. 1, and, in this exclusive for The Privacy Advisor, Staff Writer Molly Hulefeld has the details for those seeking to demonstrate knowledge in the jurisdiction.Full S... Read More

The impact of public privacy on corporate governance: How recent findings in the Common Thread Network can impact corporate directors

(Jan 24, 2018) This paper by Jason Woywada, CIPP/C, CIPM, explores how shifts in government regulations related to privacy can pose an external threat to organizations as part of their risk assessment. The paper compiles research documenting a gap between public values of privacy and current organizational behavior and provides initial recommendations to address the implications of this gap between public values and organizational behaviors — corporate governance being one. Based on a review of recent mass mar... Read More

Top 10 privacy podcasts of 2017

(Dec 22, 2017) In the last year, we've built a bit of a community around the 18-month-old Privacy Advisor Podcast. We've got listeners from the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Ethiopia and beyond. As the year ends, we wanted to look back at the top podcasts of the year. Studying the numbers, listeners were of course willing to invest time to hear about how they'll comply with the EU GDPR. No list coming out of the IAPP omits the word GDPR these days. But we also saw you gravitate toward the kind of podcasts that ... Read More

The most read Privacy Advisor stories of 2017

(Dec 19, 2017) It's been one of the busiest years on record here at the IAPP. It's no secret that the forthcoming EU GDPR created plenty of opportunities for original journalism aimed at helping privacy professionals navigate the murky waters of compliance before May 2018. But the GDPR-focused pieces weren't the only topics of interest to IAPP readers.  As the below list of the Top 10 most popular reads of the year indicates, you were also interested in hearing news impacting your colleagues. We lost some pri... Read More

FPF announces 2017 Privacy Papers winners

(Dec 13, 2017) The Future of Privacy Forum has announced the winners of its 8th Annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award. The topics of the winning papers include the effects artificial intelligence has on privacy, the debate on whether privacy can exist in the realm of public information, discovering policy choices in order to limit discrimination against users in online markets, and an analysis of the U.S. and EU’s efforts to protect data subjects. The winners of the award, including Ryan Calo, Woodrow H... Read More

New CIPP/E textbook, ebooks now available

(Nov 17, 2017) The IAPP is pleased to announce that the new "European Data Protection: Law and Practice," which will serve as the textbook for the CIPP/E certification, is available in our online store, in both print and ebook formats. In addition, a number of other books in the online store are now available in ebook format, including our CIPM, CIPT, and CIPP/US textbooks. More will be available as ebooks shortly. Edited by Hogan Lovells Partner and IAPP Board Member Eduardo Ustaran, CIPP/E, and the result of... Read More