IAPP Certificación en Gestión de Programas de Privacidad - Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

(Jun 4, 2019) De 10 a 13 de junio, de 18h30 a 22h30, se presentará el curso de Gestión de Programas de Privacidad, la cual es una capacitación sobre cómo implementar un programa corporativo de privacidad; gestionando el ciclo de vida operacional de este programa y estructurando un equipo que tenga conocimiento técnico y que sea de alto rendimiento. Quienes curan este programa desarrollan las habilidades necesarias para gestionar e, incluso, liderar el proceso empresarial de conformidad regulatoria con las nor... Read More

On the 'structural shortcomings' of the GDPR

(Jan 23, 2019) In "The GDPR: The Emperor’s New Clothes — On the Structural Shortcomings of Both the Old and the New Data Protection Law," Winfried Veil writes, for supporters of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it is "the global 'gold standard,'" and "the EU is the 'trust centre of the world.'" However, others "complain about the bureaucratic, costly, small-parts and unrealistic specifications of the GDPR." In this paper, Veil summarizes the "various currents of fundamental criticism of data protecti... Read More

Here are your 10 most downloaded privacy podcasts of 2018

(Dec 20, 2018) Making this list was so much fun.  When my boss, Sam Pfeifle, charged me with creating a privacy-focused podcast a couple years ago, I was slightly annoyed. I didn't know anything about podcasts, I didn't even listen to podcasts, and it sounded like it was going to be some weekly chore I would dread.  I was so wrong. Growing a podcast not only turned out to be an incredibly satisfying creative outlet for me, but it also helped me to understand the industry and the people who staff it so much b... Read More

La Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) y la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos elaboran conjuntamente un programa formativo modular

(Nov 20, 2018) Una de las funciones que asigna el Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD) al delegado de protección de datos es su formación permanente. Además obliga a las organizaciones a que les faciliten todos los recursos necesarios para actualizar sus conocimientos. Para contribuir a este objetivo, la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) y la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos han elaborado conjuntamente un programa formativo modular que permite a estudiantes de postgrado y ... Read More

IAPP releases new U.S. Private-Sector Privacy online training

(Aug 21, 2018) Privacy legislation seems to be moving at break-neck pace in 2018. As anyone trying to keep up with relevant laws and regulations will attest, it wasn't long after the EU General Data Protection Regulation came into effect that the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 was suddenly passed in the U.S. Given that privacy's regulatory landscape has seen such changes, among others, the IAPP released a new U.S. Private-Sector Privacy online training Aug. 15; the revamped product now covering both ... Read More

FPF opens nomination period for Privacy Papers for Policymakers

(Aug 10, 2018) Scholars and authors with an interest in privacy issues are invited to submit final papers to the Future of Privacy Forum's annual call for nominations, according to an FPF blog post. The FPF will award the Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award, as well as the newly added Student Paper Award, following the Sept. 24 deadline. Winning authors will be invited to present at an event with policymakers and privacy leaders in Washington in the Spring of 2019. Meanwhile, the FPF has welcomed Michelle Ba... Read More

Facebook awards $800K in security research grants

(Aug 10, 2018) Presented at the BlackHat USA security conference, Facebook’s outgoing chief security officer, Alex Stamos, awarded $800,000 to 10 winners of the company’s “Secure the Internet” grants, ZDNet reports. The grants, awarded to security- and privacy-related projects, were available to universities and other research organizations. The winning proposals are reported to include research concerning abuse detection and reporting, anti-phishing, and ideas for something better than passwords.Full Story... Read More

Report calls for 'digital evidence' policy and corresponding national office

(Jul 25, 2018) A report released Wednesday by the Center for Strategic and International Studies calls for the creation of both a federal digital evidence policy and a National Digital Policy Office, both in the name of addressing the challenges facing law enforcement in the digital age. According to the report, based on surveys with law enforcement on all levels, "More than 50 percent of survey respondents reported that identifying what data is available from service providers and getting access to that data ... Read More

Podcast: How can we combat the spread of viral hate online?

(Jul 13, 2018) Anyone using the internet today is surely aware of the viral hate that displays itself everywhere, from social media platforms to newspaper-comment sections to group-chat forums. It is in such forums that marginalized groups face the kind of cyberbullying that surely exists on our streets but seemingly not to the extremes we see when users can hide behind a screen. In this live event, hosted by Hogan Lovells in Washington to commemorate Pride Month, Chris Wolf talks to host Angelique Carson, CIP... Read More