FPF taking nominations for Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award

(Sep 13, 2019) The Future of Privacy Forum has put out a call to those seeking consideration for its 10th annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award. Privacy scholars and authors are invited to enter submissions for the award, which recognizes the year’s leading privacy research and analysis that has practical implications for policymakers in U.S. Congress, federal agencies and data protection authorities internationally. Papers are judged on both scholarly merit and for potential solutions and insight for p... Read More

SecureWorld cybersecurity conference in Denver Oct. 29-30

(Sep 6, 2019) SecureWorld is set to continue its annual cybersecurity conference series in Denver at The Cable Center Oct. 29-30. The event is one of 17 North American conferences SecureWorld holds a year that work to connect, inform and develop leaders in cybersecurity. It features keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. The IAPP is offering Continuing Professional Education credits to those in attendance.Full Story... Read More

Book review: 'Stand out of our light: Freedom and resistance in the attention economy'

(Aug 27, 2019) The title of this book is taken from an anecdote about Diogenes, the ancient Greek philosopher who was known for his self-imposed poverty and his cranky personality. While he was reading one day, outdoors in Corinth, he was approached by an admirer, Alexander the Great, who offered to grant him any wish. Diogenes only wanted to get back to what he was doing before the interruption. Rather than ask for a material benefit, he simply said: "Stand out of my light." James Williams, a “former Google ... Read More

Privacy research in Australia, NZ get boost from iappANZ Legacy Project

(Aug 23, 2019) As the International Association of Privacy Professionals Australia/New Zealand closes its 10-year run, it recently made a move that ensures its privacy advocacy will not be forgotten. iappANZ announced in July that the $200,000 in surplus funds from its transition to become part of the IAPP have been donated to support eight privacy research endeavors in Australia and New Zealand. IAPP Staff Writer Joe Duball checked in with former iappANZ president Melanie Marks, CIPP/E, to discuss the donatio... Read More

iappANZ Legacy Project will support research, future of privacy

(Aug 22, 2019) Ending a well-established venture is never easy. Leaving an indelible mark can soften that blow, and that’s exactly what the International Association of Privacy Professionals Australia/New Zealand has set itself up to do. While in the process of transitioning to become a part of the IAPP, iappANZ announced a $200,000 donation that will fund eight privacy research projects. The donation stems from surplus funds iappANZ accumulated from its 10 years of service to the privacy community in its reg... Read More

TechCongress taking applications for Congressional Innovation Fellowship

(Aug 9, 2019) Applications for TechCongress' Congressional Innovation Fellowship are being accepted through Sept. 3. The yearlong fellowship, which has been in place since 2016, allows computer scientists, engineers and other technologists to serve as policy advisors for members of Congress. The program places fellows among the top tech decision makers in the U.S. government. TechCongress describes the fellowship as one that "provides a unique opportunity to change Congress by injecting desperately needed tec... Read More

NZ OPC announces privacy research fund

(Aug 8, 2019) New Zealand's Office of the Privacy Commissioner has announced it is taking applications for the "Privacy Good Research Fund." The program, which is funded by the iappANZ Legacy Fund and the Social Investment Agency, seeks applications for research projects that seek to develop "new privacy-related knowledge, provide practical solutions or promote innovation." The fund has $75,000 to allocate to accepted projects, which can be funded a maximum of $25,000. Applications will be accepted until 9 Se... Read More

IAPP Certificación en Gestión de Programas de Privacidad - Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

(Jun 4, 2019) De 10 a 13 de junio, de 18h30 a 22h30, se presentará el curso de Gestión de Programas de Privacidad, la cual es una capacitación sobre cómo implementar un programa corporativo de privacidad; gestionando el ciclo de vida operacional de este programa y estructurando un equipo que tenga conocimiento técnico y que sea de alto rendimiento. Quienes curan este programa desarrollan las habilidades necesarias para gestionar e, incluso, liderar el proceso empresarial de conformidad regulatoria con las nor... Read More

On the 'structural shortcomings' of the GDPR

(Jan 23, 2019) In "The GDPR: The Emperor’s New Clothes — On the Structural Shortcomings of Both the Old and the New Data Protection Law," Winfried Veil writes, for supporters of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it is "the global 'gold standard,'" and "the EU is the 'trust centre of the world.'" However, others "complain about the bureaucratic, costly, small-parts and unrealistic specifications of the GDPR." In this paper, Veil summarizes the "various currents of fundamental criticism of data protecti... Read More