Advertisers can make the most of first-party data

(Apr 18, 2018) In an article for AdExchanger, Matt McGowan, president of marketing platform Adestra, writes that while Facebook’s move to end its Partner Categories program may help the company’s reputation, it is unclear if the move will have an impact on advertisers. McGowan predicts advertisers will take a short-term hit as they adjust to a reliance on first-party data but notes that third-party data was often “overpriced, old and stale.” He adds, “Now is the time to double down on making the most of first-... Read More

FTC, FCC co-hosting robocalls expo

(Apr 17, 2018) The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission will be co-hosting an event focused on solutions to robocalls April 23. The “Stop Illegal Robocalls Expo” will highlight the technologies, devices and applications aimed at reducing or eliminating these national nuisances, which the FTC has identified as the single largest generator of consumer complaints. FTC Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will speak during the expo, and companies inclu... Read More

Consortium forms to streamline GDPR compliance

(Apr 13, 2018) Newly formed consortium OpenGDPR bans together four marketing tech companies hoping to streamline the compliance process for the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, Adweek reports. AppsFlyer, mParticle, Braze and Amplitude joined forces to create industry-specific best practices and are studying application programming interface options to standardize data-handling processes across marketing firms. Meanwhile, the impact of the GDPR on third-party data ecosystems receives continued at... Read More

NAI: Majority of US consumers concerned about privacy

(Apr 11, 2018) The Network Advertising Initiative conducted a survey asking 10,000 U.S. consumers about their opinions on online privacy. Of the respondents, 85 percent said the current state of online privacy was at least “somewhat concerning,” with 50 percent of those consumers saying they are either “very” or “extremely” concerned about privacy. When asked about their top privacy concerns, 56 percent said hackers, while 15 percent said data collection by any federal government around the world. The majority... Read More

Markey, Blumenthal propose 'privacy bill of rights'

(Apr 11, 2018) Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Ed Markey, D-Mass., have proposed the Customer Online Notification for Stopping Edge-provider Network Transgressions Act aimed at enhancing consumer privacy, Ars Technica reports. The “privacy bill of rights” would require edge providers, such as Facebook and Google, to obtain consumers’ consent before selling sensitive information. “The avalanche of privacy violations by Facebook and other online companies has reached a critical threshold, and we need legi... Read More

Proposal would introduce do-not-call registry in Hong Kong

(Apr 5, 2018) Hong Kong introduced a proposal that would task the privacy commission with enforcing a statutory do-not-call register, the South China Morning Post reports. Set forth by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the proposal would introduce consent requirements to marketing calls and could impose legal sanctions if numbers registered on the list were disturbed. While the privacy commissioner would oversee both administering the register and enforcing the rule, some have questioned whether t... Read More

Facebook shuts down Partner Categories ad service

(Mar 29, 2018) Facebook has released a statement announcing it will shut down its Partner Categories tool, Reuters reports. The service allowed advertisers to use data brokers to send Facebook users targeted ads. “While this is common industry practice, we believe this step, winding down over the next six months, will help improve people’s privacy on Facebook,” the tech company said in a statement. Meanwhile, three users of the Facebook Messenger app have filed a lawsuit against the social media network for al... Read More

ARF calls for advertising standards to protect user data

(Mar 29, 2018) Following recent allegations that Cambridge Analytica illegally used Facebook user data, the Advertising Research Foundation called for the creation of new ad industry “guidelines and standards to govern consumer data collection and protection,” MediaPost reports. Speaking at the organization’s annual conference, ARF President Scott McDonald said, “The goal will be to form a working group that can draft, for further debate and consideration, a proposed code of conduct that is relevant to our wor... Read More

FTC files complaint against Alliance Security for making millions of illegal marketing calls

(Mar 26, 2018) The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against home security installation company Alliance Security for violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule. The company allegedly made two million marketing calls in violation of the rule, including more than a million calls to numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. The FTC is also accusing Alliance Security of violating the TSR by not identifying itself when making the illicit phone calls. Alliance and its CEO and founder, Jasjit Gotra, had previous... Read More

Google wants web publishers to gather consent for GDPR compliance

(Mar 23, 2018) In order to ensure it is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Google will soon be asking web publishers to obtain consent on its behalf when using their technology for sending targeted ads to European users, The Wall Street Journal reports. While Google will gather consent for its website, as well as Gmail and YouTube, the tech company wants any third-party website and app using its technology to gain consent. Google will let those publishers use their own forms for the proc... Read More