CNIL closes formal notice against IoT toy company

(Jul 20, 2018) France's data protection authority, the CNIL, has announced it has closed a formal notice procedure placed on a connected toy company. Last November, after it was alerted by a consumer association about a lack of security protections in two connected toys, the CNIL sent a questionnaire to Hong Kong–based Genesis Industries Limited, as well as a request to conduct online inspections. According to Friday's announcement, the company "has dealt with several of the issues raised in the formal notice,... Read More

EDPB issues cross-border cooperation 'state of play'

(Jul 20, 2018) In a post on its new website, the European Data Protection Board, which was formerly the Article 29 Working Party — a collection of the EU's data protection authorities — has offered an update to its cross-border cooperation and consistency procedures. During its second plenary meeting earlier this month, "Most [DPAs] reported a substantial increase in complaints received," and currently there are about 100 cross-border cases under investigation. EDPB Chair Andrea Jelinek said, "we should only e... Read More

ICO releases annual report for 2017–18

(Jul 20, 2018) The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office has released its annual report for 2017–18. According to an ICO news release, data protection complaints are up 15 percent, and self-reported breaches are up 30 percent. It has also issued the "largest number and amount of civil monetary penalties in our history," including 26 penalties totaling 3.28 million GBPs and 19 criminal prosecutions with 18 convictions. "This is an important time for privacy rights, with a new legal framework and increased publ... Read More

Browser maker urges EU to defend PbD in ePrivacy Reg

(Jul 20, 2018) Brave, a privacy-enhancing browser, has written to all 28 European Union member states urging them not to remove the Article 10 provision on privacy by design and by default from the pending ePrivacy Regulation. In a blog post, Brave's Johnny Ryan wrote, "The Council of Ministers is weighing not only how best to protect privacy, but also publisher sustainability and the future of the Digital Single Market. We believe these things are compatible." The letters also, "perhaps for the first time," c... Read More