Color Palette

Special care should be taken to ensure that these colors are consistently and accurately reproduced, and never modified. Approved tint values are provided in the next section.

Color Palette Tints

The IAPP Color Palette allows for tints, as presented above, which as a result greatly expands the flexibility and versatility of the palette. That said, no other tint values are permitted, in particular those noted above as “do not tint”.

Type Palette

The IAPP Type Palette is both flexible and robust. Please see specific type usage guidelines here.

Microsoft Office & Digital Use (beyond IAPP Website)

Email Signature

Your Email Signature should adhere to the following format in the Trebuchet MS typeface:

Note: If Trebuchet MS is not available, please use Verdana as your default typeface.

Type Usage

Please follow the following type usage guidelines and reference the sample type combinations on the next section for inspiration:

Headlines and Callouts

Body Copy

Type Combination Samples

These are strictly sample type combinations; feel free to craft your own combination using the usage guidelines above.


Always use engaging, high-quality imagery. IAPP has secured professional photos from various sources, especially of IAPP events and members. These photos should be considered before using stock imagery. Imagery should be uncluttered, with a clear point of focus.

Remember to use the highest appropriate resolution, pay attention to cropping so that the highest integrity of the image is retained, and never to stretch an image out of its original proportion.

Stay away from clichéd imagery, clip art and images that are uninspiring or project a negative message.


Vibrant images that add warmth, energy and focus on the impact that the IAPP has on people all over the world.


Thought-provoking images that add mood and character.


Inspiring images that look imaginatively at locations and objects, creating new perspective.


Bold images of iconic locations to spark imagination and excitement.