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Much like the majority of corporations these days, the U.S. government collects data on individuals and then makes decisions based on that data. However, because of the role government plays in citizens’ lives, government agencies have a unique responsibility to protect the privacy and ensure the accuracy of the data they hold on individuals. For these reasons, there are laws specific to public-sector data handling practices.

In recent years the federal government has been under increased scrutiny over how it handles personal data; large-scale breaches and the actions of the National Security Agency, have shed light on the amount and sensitivity of the information the government holds, raising awareness of the importance of privacy practices throughout the government. 

The myriad laws, guidance, best practices and directives are enough to make anyone’s head spin. This topic page collects much of that for you and offers overviews of some major legislation to help U.S. government privacy pros get a leg up.

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