Sr. Privacy & Data Counsel, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (PlayStation™), San Mateo, CA

The privacy and data law team at PlayStation™ is focused on solving one fascinating, complex problem:  how to effectively mitigate the legal risk arising from data, while empowering the business to deliver a superior customer experience.

Our approach derives from the insight that this problem, and thus its solution, aren’t limited to the traditional bounds of privacy or compliance.  Rather, we understand data risks in the context of the technology, organization, and products and services through which the data flows, work with each business unit to develop and implement solutions tailored to their operations, and enabling them to mitigate the risks themselves. To carry this out, our team approaches problems creatively, deeply and broadly. Our team members must be curious, and unafraid of technical, organizational, and legal challenges.

We are offering the opportunity to:

  1. Play a leadership role by helping develop and drive data law strategy into an international and market-leading business in video games, digital entertainment, and technology;
  2. Work on cutting edge-technologies and content such as interactive entertainment (Horizon Zero Dawn, and Uncharted), content streaming (PlayStation™Vue and PS Now), and virtual reality (PlayStation®VR);
  3. Counsel product teams on development of the PlayStation®Network (including its social network, music, movie, game streaming, and other elements), a platform of over 70 million users worldwide.

You may be the right candidate if you have the following characteristics:

  • You are intellectually fascinated by the legal and policy issues emerging from information science and technology developments.
  • You don’t mind getting your hands dirty (and hopefully enjoy) figuring out how data is a part of everything these days.
  • You consider implementation as important as ideation, and measure your own success by how well your work product effectively mitigates risk, while minimizing negative impact to the user experience.

We are currently looking for a senior attorney with (7-10 years) demonstrable knowledge and experience in the following:

  1. Privacy and Information Security law. (Records Retention, Data Deletion or Destruction, Wiretapping/Monitoring, or Data Transfer law would also be useful).
  2. Experience with US law is a requirement. Experience with Central and South American data law is a significant plus.  Any non-US data law experience is also a plus.
  3. Knowledge of social privacy issues (friends, family, identity), the characteristics of data/information and its lifecycle, and data governance.

We are particularly interested in those that have experience with applying the above knowledge to product, feature, or function reviews, as we expect this role will own support for the PlayStation®Network (including its social network, music, movie, TV, and other elements). Regardless of the subject area, though, your work will likely include:

  1. Review business activities that collect, use, disclose, or dispose of data for compliance with law, policy, and best practices.
  2. Draft consumer notices, intra-company agreements and contract terms, and negotiate data-related contract provisions.
  3. Develop standardized policies, tools and processes, and implement them (in conjunction with InfoSec, DataGov, etc.) into operations to mitigate data processing legal risks and reduce the volume of one-off reviews.
  4. Develop and maintain expertise in data law.
  5. Develop training materials.

All the while, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and take advantage of all that the Bay Area has to offer.

  • Strong analytical ability and excellent judgement.
  • Non-English language skills, particularly Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese desirable.
  • Practical, self-motivated and resilient.
  • Able to build relationships and consensus amongst cross-functional and cross-level groups, and bring initiatives to conclusion.
  • Membership in a state bar required.

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