Privacy Information Managers

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Global Regulatory Research Software

Save and share the content you need to manage your privacy program while staying informed on the latest global enforcement news, updates and official guidelines, and gaining access to detailed information regarding jurisdictional and legislative complexities.

Converting Friday’s Policies to Monday’s Practices

Managing privacy can require a staggering level of effort. Kuma SMEs help offset the lift while translating privacy regulations into approachable daily operations. We will: Anchor you in a privacy framework · Structure the team and vision · Develop a communication strategy · Document KPIs · Deliver on the privacy program operational life cycle

Privacy by design. Redesigned.

TerraTrue brings speed, scale, and automation to privacy. In a single workflow, product teams get real-time guidance, privacy teams fly through pre-populated assessments, and ROPAs and data maps update automatically. TerraTrue packs that power in a beautiful UI that’s easy to use and simple to customize. It’s privacy like you’ve never seen before.

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