Governance, Risk and Compliance Software

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Measure and Report on Your Enterprise Risk Portfolio

Operationalize your risk and compliance program with an agile GRC platform. Identify and monitor risk across your three lines of defense. Leveraging a common set of data inventories and controls you can enhance visibility and align internal and external stakeholders.

Grow Trust, Simplify Compliance with Patient Privacy Intelligence

In our interconnected world, healthcare organizations must protect their patient’s data. For 15 years, FairWarning has helped health systems comply with HIPAA, protect patient privacy, and prevent privacy violations. Learn why more health systems choose FairWarning than all other options combined to maximize time and grow trust.

Ethos, a software platform that delivers a culture of privacy.

Ethos helps companies build strategic, successful privacy programs. These programs contemplate not only legal and contractual obligations but also strategic goals, ethical usage, and customer satisfaction. Integrations enable interoperation with existing platforms for seamless privacy management.

Why Is The Automation of Information Governance a Game Changer?

Increasing privacy regulations are driving the need for organizations to think more strategically about their information governance programs. Find out how automating your information governance processes can protect your organization from risks associated with compliance, security and privacy lapses.

Proliance 360 – Automating GDPR compliance

Proliance 360’s integrated data analytics makes Compliance and Risk management more transparent than ever. Via collection the compliance status of all identified Privacy relevant processes, Proliance 360 calculates risk and Compliance automatically and function dependent. This helps Privacy Professionals to identify red flags in the company.

Understand your data universe. Enhance your governance program.

Automatically discover sensitive data hiding in your stores of dark data. Our automated workflows help you identify, classify and control your data. Our fast, accurate and scaleable software delivers a comprehensive picture of your data universe so that you can action and remediate security gaps.

Analytics for the Enterprise: Private. Distributed. Performant.

DataFleets is a privacy-preserving analytics API that unifies sensitive and distributed data for rapid access, agile analytics, and automated data privacy compliance. It employs multidisciplinary privacy-enhancing technologies, such as federated learning, differential privacy, secure multiparty computation, and homomorphic encryption.

Exercise your Commitment to Proactive Privacy

Instilling a proactive privacy culture requires deliberate navigation of compliance assurance and risk management supported by a strong governance foundation. Kuma SMEs efficiently guide your programmatic maturation. We can help you build dynamic governance practices and assess the international landscape for privacy risk and compliance.

Provision & Govern Microsoft Teams with Prosperoware CAM

CAM is an enterprise process & governance platform for content systems in the cloud and on-premises. CAM enables processes for organizations to place content in the right place, increasing adoption. It then allows you to apply a layer of governance to reduce risks around privacy & cybersecurity. Watch a 3-min ONLY demo of CAM for Microsoft Teams.

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