Data Discovery

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AI Powered Data Discovery and Classification

Automation and intelligence to help Privacy, Security and Data Governance teams discover and classify personal and non-personal data, automate privacy rights fulfillment, and demonstrate compliance.

Next-Generation Data Discovery & Intelligence

Get discovery & insight for the data you know and the data you don’t with BigID: combine multiple modes of ML-based discovery to uncover actionable context around all types of personal, sensitive, and dark data, across all data stores.

Unlock the Potential of Your Information using AI/ML

Data continues to grow at exponential rates and much of it is unstructured, leaving many businesses struggling to uncover the value of their data. Organize your data using Iron Mountain’s content analytics, data management and information governance expertise, and mine that data to uncover new revenue stream opportunities and cost savings.

Intelligent Data Privacy Management - GDPR, CCPA, and More

Streamline your data privacy management and compliance with The Aparavi Platform. Find classification data and easily locate your high-risk data types, no matter where your data lives. Generate new insights and derive more value from your data by revealing hidden data, understanding complex content, and automating data governance.

Unlock the true value of your data. Data discovery is the key.

If you don’t understand all your diverse data sources and types, wrangling your data into compliance is impossible. Data mapping helps catalog the types of data your company manages, how it’s collected, what it’s used for and where it’s stored.

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