Data Discovery

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AI Powered Data Discovery and Classification

Automation and intelligence to help Privacy, Security and Data Governance teams discover and classify personal and non-personal data, automate privacy rights fulfillment, and demonstrate compliance.

Asset and Data Discovery

Find data assets and discover personal and sensitive data in structured and unstructured data systems, across on-premises and multi-cloud.

Next-Generation Data Discovery & Intelligence

Get discovery & insight for the data you know and the data you don’t with BigID: combine multiple modes of ML-based discovery to uncover actionable context around all types of personal, sensitive, and dark data, across all data stores.

ReviewRight Protect: Detect. Identify. Review.

Organizations should be prepared to respond to a cyber-related incident, while also gaining insight into cutting-edge data discovery technologies and proven document review services to support the detection, identification, review, and notification processes required by law after sensitive data-related breaches and disclosure.

Easy to use, resource efficient data discovery

Through powerful data silo discovery, Transcend Data Mapping generates your comprehensive data map, ensuring it stays accurate and up to date. By scanning your website, SaaS tools and cloud providers, Transcend quickly detects personal data and organizes it into a central, collaborative hub.

Automated Data Discovery

You can’t govern or secure data you don’t know exists. It’s critical to gain the visibility you need to ensure compliance. Privacera automatically identifies and classifies sensitive data across multiple cloud services and on-prem infrastructure so you can make the right decisions about who should or shouldn’t have access.

Leverage data lineage to build trust in your data

Discover the insights hidden within your data using MANTA’s data lineage solution, which creates a clear and comprehensive map of your data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies. Use this map to observe how your data has moved and transformed over time, unlock actionable insights, and improve business intelligence efforts.

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