Web Conference: The Top Reasons Why Your CPRA Compliance Strategy Is Broken and How to Fix It

Original broadcast date: 8 June 2022

In this web conference, panelists discuss how to fix your compliance strategy for smooth sailing across the CPRA waters. Key takeaways include, an overview of the CPRA’s requirements and new obligations imposed on businesses, why you need a strategic and defensible data retention framework to comply with the CPRA and key elements to successfully operationalize your CPRA compliance program.

Selena Lefebvre, Programming and Speaker Coordinator, IAPP

Rebecca Perry, CIPP/US/G, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

Amalia Barthel, CIPP/G, CIPP/US, Lecturer, Advisor and co-founder, University of Toronto and Managed Privacy Canada
Peter Stockburger, Partner, Dentons