Web Conference: Operationalize Data Privacy

Broadcast date: June 13, 2019

Organizations are mobilizing governance, security and data resources to tackle enterprise-wide data privacy initiatives. These initiatives can span thousands of data stores, people and processes.

Enterprise-grade automation, powered with artificial intelligence/machine learning, can provide the foundational infrastructure to access, protect, manage and respond to privacy- and compliance-related requests. Through discussion with privacy professionals who’ve leveraged these technologies to dramatically improve their enterprise privacy readiness, you’ll hear real-world stories about the successes and challenges they’ve encountered along the way while scaling up their operations.

Join us for this educational web conference to hear about these experiences and more, with time reserved for your questions. You’ll learn about the challenges they see for data privacy in 2019 and beyond and how organizations can get a worldwide view of personal data flows within the organization and how best to manage them.

Dave Cohen, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, Knowledge Manager, IAPP

Jitesh Ghai, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Data Governance and Privacy, Informatica