Web Conference: Building and Measuring Consumer Trust in an Evolving Cookie Landscape

This web conference was a part of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit Online 2021.  

Original broadcast date: 29 June 2021

The cookie landscape is shifting, yet consent requirements are still critical. Google is working with the industry on its Google Privacy Sandbox for audience segmentation (FLoC) and bidding algorithms (FLEDGE) to address use cases after the removal of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser. Companies are actively exploring ways to engage consumers directly and build consumer trust. Although organizations will continue to need to meet cookie consent and universal consent requirements, it’s more critical than ever to pay closer attention to improving consumer trust. 

Jordyn Hardy, Programming Coordinator, IAPP

Beatrice Botti, CIPP/E, CIPP/M, VP, Global Data and Privacy Officer, Doubleverify
Rachel Glasser, CIPP/US, CPO, Magnite
Helen Huang, Director of Product Management, Securiti