UK Data Protection Reform

Post-consultation plans developed by the UK government

Published: June 2022Click To View (PDF)

On June 17, the U.K. government published its response to the public consultation, ‘Data: a new direction’. As a part of its National Data Strategy, the consultation, which ran for 10 weeks in late 2021, intends to bolster reform of the U.K.’s data protection laws. Having received nearly 3,000 responses from across academia, technology and industry bodies, and consumer rights groups, the U.K. government organized the proposals in its response across five chapters, which are depicted in this IAPP chart.

This IAPP chart aims to provide a snapshot of all the proposals the government is planning to proceed with in some way as it attempts to “establish the UK as the most attractive global data marketplace.”

The text in the tables comes from the “Annex: List of consultation proposals” provided on the website of the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.