The New Technological Approach to Privacy

IAPP Pre-conference presentation at RSA Conference 2017:

For years a place of policy and law, privacy is entering its next evolutionary phase, with technological approaches and solutions. In order to operationalize privacy, and help it work side by side with cybersecurity, organizations need frameworks and tools that allow for controls and automation. These are under rapid development. Further, privacy understanding is working its way deeper into the cybersecurity community and efforts to protect personal information are now infused with an understanding of how to use and manage personal information in the first place. Join us for a look into privacy’s future for an understanding about how privacy is best done here in the present day.

Kabir Barday, CEO, OneTrust; Jedidiah Bracy, Publications Editor, IAPP; Peter Brown, Owner, Peter F Brown Consulting; Peter Cranstone, CEO, 3PHealth; J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO, IAPP; Nimrod Luria, CEO, Prifender; Ari Schwartz, Managing Director of Cybersecurity Services, Venable LLP; Hilary Wandall, General Counsel and Chief Data Governance Officer, TRUSTe