IAPP-OneTrust Consent & Data Subject Rights Platform



The IAPP-OneTrust tool provides website owners with a transparent mechanism for obtaining and managing consent, as well as a method to capture, manage, and communicate responses to data subject requests.

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The IAPP-OneTrust Consent & Data Subject Rights Platform Allows You To:

  • Conduct a privacy scan to identify tracking technologies
  • Obtain and manage user consent and preferences
  • Capture data subject requests with a web form linked directly on your website
  • Manage internal workflows to assign, fulfill and respond to data subject requests
  • Handle requests consistently with template responses and sub-tasks
  • Communicate with the data subject through an encrypted messaging portal
  • Generate proper documentation of requests and fulfillment in case of inquiry

Featured Products:

Consent Management

Manage user consent and preferences with adaptable settings for various consent standards

Website Tracker Scanning

Conduct a privacy scan of your website to identify and categorize tracking technologies

Data Subject Rights Portal (DSAR)

Capture data subject requests, manage workflows to fulfill, handle responses securely and consistently, and maintain records of fulfilling requests

Also Included

Assessment Automation (PIA/DPIA)

Tailor and distribute assessments, review gaps, track mitigating activities, and generate appropriate record keeping reports

Data Inventory & Mapping

Maintain and update data flows, applications, and processing activities to meet Article 30 record keeping obligations

CCPA Initial Planning Assessment

Leverage our new CCPA Initial Planning Assessment to understand the potential impact of the new law on your organization.