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(Sep 27, 2016) ILITA, the Israeli Law Information and Technology Authority, issued on August 23 a draft guidance on the application of the direct mailing provisions under the Protection of Privacy Act. ILITA is a justice department authority and includes the Databases Registrar – the Israeli privacy commissioner. ILITA's guidelines reflect their interpretation of the PPA, but they are not obligatory. The direct mailing provisions under the PPA are mainly aimed at regulating data brokers and transmission of me... Read More

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Bitcoin's strategic place in ransomware

(Sep 27, 2016) Previous articles in this four-part series (see part one, two and three) have discussed the epidemic of ransomware, how it works, and the thorny question of whether to pay. What often catches organizations by surprise is not only the ease with which ransomware can bring operations to a halt, but the difficulty of paying the ransom if you determine that that is your best option. The currency of choice for cyber extortionists is Bitcoin, a digital, completely virtual form of money that can fluctua... Read More

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U.S. gov't is changing how it does privacy

(Sep 27, 2016) Circular A-130, the government’s policy guidance on managing federal information resources, is undergoing a major re-haul. It’s a big deal, high-ranking government privacy officials agree, both for the government and the citizens it governs, and also for privacy professionals themselves. The revision of A-130, as well as the establishment of a Federal Privacy Council, mandated in a 2015 executive order by President Barack Obama, puts the government’s prioritization of privacy on a stage it hasn... Read More

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TCPA: Business killer or simple compliance matter?

(Sep 27, 2016) For some privacy pros, adhering to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act can be as tricky as getting its name out in one breath. At first blush, it could be hard to see why. A cursory glance of the law makes it appear straightforward: don’t spam people with automated marketing calls. Respect their privacy. End of story. Not so much, some say. “The TCPA has been a huge problem that we’ve had to deal with,” said Capital One Senior Director Ryan Barker, CIPM, CIPP/C, CIPP/US, FIP. “Last year –  ... Read More

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The Privacy Empress and the Chamber of Secrets

(Sep 27, 2016) I think the funniest things are the most observant. I also think there’s power in changing your perspective. I also believe that privacy, at its core, is an interdisciplinary subject, best digested when considered something more than a “law thing.” I’m also convinced that we learn best when our guards are down. Laughter does that. And that's why The Privacy Empress blog exists. That’s why I am so excited to be at the helm of the Privacy Empress GIF blog. Inspired by the inaugural site of this ty... Read More

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Invest in security to comply with GDPR, warns EC official

(Sep 27, 2016) Companies operating in the EU should take security very seriously in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, according to Paul Nemitz, the director for fundamental rights at the European Commission's justice directorate. Speaking at the Free and Safe in Cyberspace conference in Brussels on Friday, Nemitz said companies should pay close attention to the GDPR's brief but important mentions of privacy by design and security as mitigating factors when calculating potential fine... Read More

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Catch up on September's podcasts

(Sep 27, 2016) The Privacy Advisor Podcast: Arvind Narayanan Remember 10 years ago, when Netflix had a competition for anyone and everyone to use tons of its user data to come up with an algorithm to better predict viewer preferences? In releasing the data, Netflix said it had scrubbed it of PII, and it was therefore anonymous. But Arvind Narayanan, then a Ph.D student at The University of Texas, and a colleague discovered that the reportedly anonymized data could in fact be de-anonymized, and pretty easily, t... Read More

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IAPP's first-ever Fellows of Information Privacy make the grade

(Sep 27, 2016) The International Association of Privacy Professionals has recognized its first round of Fellows of Information Privacy, or FIPs. The more than 200 privacy professionals recognized represents applicants who've obtained both a CIPP designation paired with either CIPM or a CIPT; a demonstrated three years of work experience, in which at least 25 percent of their job relates directly to privacy, and the recommendation of three peers. For privacy pros, the award symbolizes extraordinary achievemen... Read More

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What did you miss at Privacy. Security. Risk. 2016? We'll tell ya

(Sep 27, 2016) The IAPP's Privacy. Security. Risk. conference in San Jose, California, tackled a wide array of topics and featured speakers from myriad backgrounds and areas of expertise. If you missed our live coverage, here's a roundup of what kind of knowledge got dropped for you to use at your own organization. US gov't releases guidance on senior privacy roles On Thursday, the U.S. federal government released updated guidance at the Privacy. Security. Risk. conference in San Jose, California, on the role... Read More

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TechCongress fellowship aims to translate language between tech, legislative communities

(Sep 26, 2016) There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling misunderstood. Oftentimes, it can appear to the American technical community, the government in Washington, DC, and its audiences that each side is speaking a language the other can't understand. Enter TechCongress, a Washington-based non-profit whose mission is simple: “To build 21st century government with technology talent,” said Travis Moore, its founder and CEO. “Our goal is to bridge. To bridge the tech community and the policy-making communi... Read More

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Left wanting more after last night’s debate? Worry not! You don’t have to have the skills of a 400 lb hacker to find out the details on both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s privacy and cybersecurity attitudes. More information here

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