Hearing on 702: Gavels swinging and questions lingering

Angelique Carson, CIPP/US
Despite Congress' repeated requests for information from the intelligence community over its primary counterterrorism surveillance tool, a hearing June 27 indicated that information isn’t any closer to surfacing. And according to one witness at the Senate Judiciary hearing on the reauthorization of ...
Could Canada lose its adequacy standing?
Ryan Chiavetta
The world has changed a lot since the European Commission gave Canada its "adequacy" standing in 2001, determining the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, commonly known as PIPEDA, properly protects personal data transferred from the EU to Canada. Technology has evolved, an...
Volunteer Spotlight: A conversation with Adam Stone
Adam Stone spends his days in the Twin Cities of the American Midwest. Now principal consultant and chief privacy officer at Secure Digital Solutions, a Minneapolis-based management consultancy, Stone has nearly two decades worth of experience overseeing data privacy and security functions in sector...
How to avoid privacy 'black swans'
Dan Caprio and Jonathan Litchman
In January 2017, the National Institute of Standards and Technology published its Privacy Risk Management Framework, helping to further focus attention on applying risk management principals to issues of privacy. Similarly, the International Standards Organization had previously published a privacy ...
Privacy Empress Tumblr Blog

Courtney Gabrielson, CIPM
Staff Writer

Are you a GIF fan? Do you spend time on Tumblr laughing out loud when you should be PIA-ing? This might be right up your alley. Courtney Gabrielson imbues the privacy landscape with just a bit of cheekiness. Check out this monthly blog for a little comic relief on all the latest privacy news.