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Privacy Bar attendees meet George Jepsen

“Call me soft-hearted, but my definition of harm goes well beyond the purely financial.” Such was the kind of candid talk elicited from Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen as part of a wide-ranging keynote conversation Friday at the second-annual IAPP Privacy Bar Section Forum in Washington....
The realities of data breach litigation today
If you ask Jay Edelson, he'll tell you things are about to get significantly better for class-action litigants on the plaintiffs side. He sees a shift in the way courts are willing or not willing to handle settlements. He's feeling good enough about the future of such cases, in fact, that he announc...
Microsoft's Lynch wins IAPP Vanguard Award
The International Association of Privacy Professionals has named Microsoft’s Brendon Lynch, CIPP/US, its 2017 winner of the IAPP Vanguard Award. Leadership Award winners Marc Groman, CIPP/US, and Ted Dean, as well as a representative for Lynch, will accept their respective honors at the IAPP’s Globa...
Groman, Dean win IAPP's 2017 Leadership Awards
The International Association of Privacy Professionals has named Marc Groman, CIPP/US, and Ted Dean winners of the association’s 2017 Leadership Award. The two will accepted their respective honors at the IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit last week. The IAPP Leadership Award is given annually to those ...
Let’s play Privacy Bingo
As a business journalist who’s hopped around a bit, I can tell you that every industry has its clichés. In physical security, it was a constant refrain around the “convergence” of physical and information security. To the point that a company actually named itself Convergint. In laserscanning, you c...
Privacy Empress Tumblr Blog

Courtney Gabrielson, CIPM
Staff Writer

Are you a GIF fan? Do you spend time on Tumblr laughing out loud when you should be PIA-ing? This might be right up your alley. Courtney Gabrielson imbues the privacy landscape with just a bit of cheekiness. Check out this monthly blog for a little comic relief on all the latest privacy news.