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WP29 releases guidelines on profiling under the GDPR
Lee Matheson, CIPP/US
The Article 29 Working Party has adopted new draft guidelines covering profiling and automated decision-making under the forthcoming GDPR.  The proposed guidelines acknowledge two general benefits of these technologies: first, increased efficiencies and, second, resource savings. And they note the ...
WP29 releases draft breach notification guidelines
Muge Fazlioglu, CIPP/US
The EU General Data Protection Regulation imposes stricter obligations on data controllers and processors to ensure the security of personal data. One of the new mechanisms introduced to reach this objective is data breach notification, a concept familiar to U.S.-based privacy professionals, but sti...
What’s new in the WP29 guidelines on DPIAs?
Muge Fazlioglu, CIPP/US
The Article 29 Working Party has published this week its “last revised” guidelines on data protection impact assessments and determining whether processing is “likely to result in a high risk” for the purposes of the GDPR. The DPIA is a “process” that, according to GDPR Article 35, at a minimum, sys...
Levy details our intimate relationship with surveillance
Angelique Carson, CIPP/US
It's often true that privacy professionals talk about the datafication of our lives as being impersonal. In fact, however, data is incredibly personal and intimate, and the technologies we employ impact us in incredibly intimate ways. Given that, it's important for privacy professionals to work beyo...