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(Aug 26, 2016) In 2013, when the Snowden revelations broke, Susan Hennessey was just going through on-boarding for a position in the Office of the General Counsel at the National Security Agency. In this edition of The Privacy Advisor Podcast, Hennessey discusses the ways in which things did or did not change at the agency during what Hennessey calls, "the hurricane." She says despite the politics playing out on the world stage, there was an understanding between global intelligence agencies that the show must... Read More

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Derecho de acceso a la información pública y protección de datos personales en Argentina

(Aug 25, 2016) Recientemente, la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación Argentina (CSJN, por sus siglas) confirmó una decisión dictada en contra de la Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP), que la obligó a proveer información específica sobre uno de sus funcionarios (CSJN, “Garrido, Carlos Manuel c/ Estado Nacional - AFIP s/ amparo Ley 16.986”, sentencia del 21 de junio de 2016). El diputado nacional Carlos Manuel Garrido promovió una acción de amparo contra la AFIP requiriendo que se le ordenara... Read More

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El RGPD: entre incertidumbres y oportunidades poco aprovechadas

(Aug 25, 2016)  La publicación del Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (RGPD) en mayo de 2016 completa el proceso de adopción del texto a nivel europeo, dicho proceso comenzó en enero de 2012. En este sentido, hay que destacar el –relativo– corto período que tomó la reforma (de 6 años) entre la publicación del proyecto y su aplicación efectiva en Europa (esperada en mayo de 2018). Cabe recordar, a modo de comparación, que la transposición de la Directiva europea del 24 de octubre de 1995 fue transpuesta,... Read More

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Argentina — El Poder Ejecutivo Nacional aprobó la cesión de datos personales de la ANSES a la Secretaría de Comunicación

(Aug 25, 2016)   El 21 de julio de 2016 la Jefatura de Gabinete de Ministros aprobó el Convenio Marco de Cooperación entre la Administración Nacional de Seguridad Social (ANSES, por sus siglas) y la Secretaría de Comunicación Pública, que permite el intercambio electrónico de datos personales contenidos en sus bases de datos con el fin de mantener informada a la población sobre las políticas públicas del Gobierno Nacional. Según los términos del acuerdo, ANSES remitirá periódicamente datos personales asenta... Read More

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PwC acquires to prepare for Privacy 2.0

(Aug 25, 2016) The age of privacy as a matter of policy and law is over. Now dawns the age of privacy as a technical matter, of automation, operations, and execution. At least that’s how PwC sees things, and that has fueled a pair of acquisitions in the identity and access management market, which will be bolted on to PwC’s growing cybersecurity, privacy and data protection practice. “Maybe three or four years ago,” Partner in PwC Legal and head of the privacy and cyber practice Stewart Room told The Privacy... Read More

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Who are the Privacy Shield's first adopters?

(Aug 23, 2016) The U.S. Department of Commerce has released the list of the first companies to self-certify under the Privacy Shield. A once-over of the list indicates mainly smaller companies across a spectrum of industries. Who are these firms and what made them dive in early? One reason is that they were incentivized. Certifying early – by September  30 – means the companies will have a nine-month grace period to get their proverbial ducks in a row before facing scrutiny on their transfers to third parties... Read More

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Building a program? Better get your internal audit game right

(Aug 23, 2016) In the wake of several major data security breaches and increasing regulatory pressure on companies to protect confidential information, building an effective privacy program is crucial. Privacy practices are rapidly developing in all sectors and industries, and while non-compliance with the numerous industry, state, federal, and international regulations can cut heavily into profit margins, the effects of a data security breach can kill relationships with customers, vendors, and even stakeholde... Read More

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Top five company fails in prepping for a breach

(Aug 23, 2016) Over the last couple of years, there has been an optimistic increase in company breach-preparedness levels. For example, from 2013 to 2015, the percentage of organizations with data breach response plans increased from 61 percent to 81 percent – a significant (and necessary) surge given today’s landscape. Additionally, the involvement of senior leadership in data breach preparedness increased from 29 percent in 2014 to 39 percent in 2015. However, within that same time period, some of the larges... Read More

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Hey broadband companies, you might follow Verizon's lead

(Aug 23, 2016) August may be Washington’s quietest month, but all indications point to a Federal Communications Commission determined to finalize a landmark privacy rule proposal, the last piece of the Open Internet legacy that has been a priority for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the Obama White House. As has been widely reported, the new rules would regulate the data collection practices of broadband internet access service (BIAS) providers for the first time, in many cases requiring BIAS providers to receiv... Read More

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Will Brazil seize this opportune moment for data protection and privacy?

(Aug 23, 2016) As of late, it seems data protection and privacy on the internet seem to have finally conquered the agenda of key state actors, the market and society in Brazil. Such a conclusion is supported by a recent judicial decision blocking WhatsApp communications. It was for the third time in less than a year that the services were temporary blocked in the whole country because the company refused to deliver records of conversations between drug dealers. The theme is under the Brazilian Supreme Court ju... Read More

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