(Oct 2, 2015) Via their email campaigns, “Canadian politicians may be violating Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the very law they helped enact,” MediaPost reports. Citing a study from Toronoto-based itracMarketer, an email marketing and CASL compliance software provider, the report suggests, “Canadian politicians may need a more compliant marketing staff because every political party failed at providing clear consent and permissions on their email collection pages.” The study looked at the country’s fo... Read More

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Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, October 2, 2015

(Oct 2, 2015) Do you think it’s fair that our political parties are not subject to privacy legislation in Canada? No matter how I approach this topic, I always conclude that it’s not right. I have never heard of even one argument to suggest that political parties should be able to operate differently regarding the collection, use, disclosure and safeguarding of personal information. If you read University of Victoria Prof. Colin Bennett's study on the use of personal information by political parties, I'd be s... Read More

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Denham Calls for Better Breach Protection

(Oct 2, 2015) BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham “is calling for immediate action by provincial health authorities to boost measures that safeguard citizen’s health information in the absence of disclosure laws,” The Canadian Press reports, noting all provinces and territories except BC, Saskatchewan and Quebec “have legislated or incoming requirements that order health authorities to reveal the inappropriate release of private information.” Denham said, “It’s not in place here yet. It’s... Read More

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Group To Study Data Collection

(Oct 2, 2015) Researchers are getting ready to study “what information is being collected about Canadians and what it’s being used for, saying the public remains largely in the dark on the mass accumulation of personal data,” The Globe and Mail reports. Queen’s University’s Surveillance Studies Centre will lead the five-year project to study the use of big data, the report states, noting the BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Civil Liberties Association and the University of Victoria are a... Read More

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ICYMI: Some Highlights from P. S. R.

(Oct 1, 2015) What a week it was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV, as privacy pros from across the globe gathered for Privacy. Security. Risk. In case you missed the IAPP Publication Team’s live coverage from the event, here’s a roundup of just some of the highlights. Acxiom’s Jordan Abbott didn't mince words when he opened the preconference session “Vendor Compliance: Drowning In a Sea of Vendors," telling attendees: "Bottom line you're going to take away from this program is: vendors are a problem.” The pre... Read More

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The Privacy Consequences of Ad Blockers

(Oct 1, 2015) The rise in ad-blocking technology and its increased adoption by consumers has flooded the headlines of late, bringing up debates around what this will ultimately mean for the Internet. However, ad-blocking technology can also block cookie notices, something required by EU law. “It now appears that some ad blockers, acting under a banner of privacy, are achieving exactly the opposite by removing consumer visibility into the tracking that’s taking place and consumers’ ability to chose which cookies and trackers they want to accept,” writes TRUSTe Global Communications Director Eleanor Treharne-Jones, CIPP/E. In this post for Privacy Perspectives, Treharne-Jones discusses the privacy implications of this rising trend. Read More

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Amnesty International to France: Reject Global Mass Surveillance Law

(Oct 1, 2015) Amnesty International has published a report urging the French National Assembly to reject a law giving “carte blanche” ability for mass surveillance on a global scale. The National Assembly is scheduled to take up the bill, which “revives efforts previously struck down by the Constitutional Council in its review of the 24 July 2015 French Surveillance Bill,” this week, the report states. “Under this new law, almost all Internet communications will be considered fair game by the French authorities, without any form of meaningful checks and balance,” said Amnesty International’s Sherif Elsayed-Ali, adding, “Allowing for such extensive, intrusive and indiscriminate mass surveillance is a flagrant violation of people’s right to privacy and freedom of speech.” Read More

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New Data Breach Guidance from PCI SSC

(Oct 1, 2015) The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published guidance for organizations to handle data breaches effectively and with minimal financial consequence, reports. "Prevention, detection and response are always going to be the three legs of data protection," said Stephen W. Orfei, PCI SSC general manager. “Better detection will certainly improve response time and the ability to mitigate attacks, but managing the impact and damage of compromise comes down to p... Read More

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EFF Announces Adzerk Will Honor DNT

(Oct 1, 2015) Advertising company Adzerk, whose clients include Reddit, Stackexchange and Bittorrent, pledged to both respect user do-not-track requests and not have their ads “blocked by the major ad-blocking software,” BoingBoing reports. “Blocking interfaces in browsers and operating systems are not only necessary for user freedom, security and privacy, but they are actually beginning to produce genuine improvements in the practices of the advertising industry,” said the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pe... Read More

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Web Conference: Straight from the Source on Assessing and Mitigating Risk

(Sep 30, 2015) At Privacy. Security. Risk. this week, the IAPP and Bloomberg Law launched an in-depth report documenting the risks that privacy lapses pose to organizations, what privacy professionals think helps in mitigating that risk and just how good organizations think they are at doing those vital tasks. To hear follow-up analysis and ask questions of the report’s developers, including Bloomberg Law Commercial Product Director Brian Kudowitz, make sure to take part in the free IAPP-Bloomberg Law web conference “Mitigating Privacy Risk Starts at the Top,” happening October 15, and featuring additional guests Zoe Strickland, CPO at JP Morgan Chase, and Kurt Wimmer, partner at Covington & Burling. Read More

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