(Jul 22, 2016) It’s smack dab in the middle of a gorgeous summer, I’m on a semi-vacation, and I just had a great day playing tourist in my own town. The whole world seemed to be on holiday today! Sitting down to write for the Digest this week, I have to wonder whether anyone out there is even going to be around to read it. Maybe I can say some outrageous things without garnering the ire of Digest readers (i.e. metadata = personal information in Canada!). The thing is, I think I have something rather topical t... Read More

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Donovan Molloy named new privacy commissioner of Newfoundland and Labrador

(Jul 22, 2016) The provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador named Donovan Molloy as its new information and privacy commissioner, CBC News reports. A St. John’s lawyer and former assistant deputy justice minister, Molloy replaces former commissioner Ed Ring, who retired in June. “I am confident that his leadership abilities, senior executive experience and extensive legal background will serve the office well,” said Speaker Tom Osborne. The provincial government announced the new appointment Thursday and said Molloy officially takes over the position July 22. Read More

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Annual report on CSE activities begins in Parliament

(Jul 22, 2016) Yahoo Finance reports the Annual Report of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner began in Parliament. The Honourable Jean-Pierre Plouffe’s report reviews the CSE’s activities to determine if the organization complied with Canadian law and protected the privacy of Canadian citizens. "Transparency continues to be a cornerstone of my approach, to inspire better informed public discussion and maintain confidence in the work of CSE. As such, I am committed to providing as much explanation as possible with respect to my investigations," Plouffe said. "I have continued to encourage CSE to make as much information public as possible." Read More

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Can Privacy Shield help Canada update its privacy laws?

(Jul 22, 2016) reports on whether Privacy Shield can help Canada update its privacy laws. University of Ottawa’s Michael Geist said Privacy Shield may not be as helpful as some might believe. “There’s a very real possibility that the EU could examine the adequacy finding for Canada and raise the same kinds of concerns that came up in the context of [Privacy Shield predecessor] Safe Harbour, potentially challenging whether Canada’s existing system — given some of the things we now know about surve... Read More

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Ottawa payment system flaw allowed widespread access to employee info

(Jul 22, 2016) The Canadian Press reports on the multitude of issues Ottawa's provincial government is facing with its new Phoenix pay system. Nearly 82,000 public servants have had issues receiving compensation due to issues with Phoenix. Documents obtained by CBC News reveal officials were aware of a flaw within the Phoenix system allowing widespread access to employee personnel records, including social insurance numbers. Minister of Public Services and Procurement Judy Foote said she first heard of the internal beach just this week, and said the matter has been handed over to the privacy commissioner for investigation. “I am aware of it, and I’ve been told that none of the information became public,” said Foote. Read More

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Resident care worker fired after sending photo of deceased patient on Snapchat

(Jul 22, 2016) CBC News reports a resident care worker was fired by Health PEI after sending a photo of a deceased resident through Snapchat. The incident occurred around the spring of 2015, according to documents obtained by CBC News, and took place at a government-run, long-term care home. The picture contained a headshot of the deceased individual and was sent to someone outside of the care home adorned with a “very inappropriate caption.” Health PEI’s investigation at the long-term care home found an employee had shared over a period of months, numerous "inappropriate and degrading photos and videos of vulnerable residents while they were eating, sleeping, using the commode and when co-workers were providing personal care to certain residents after a bowel movement." Read More

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Op-ed: On making privacy hip again

(Jul 20, 2016) “As a member of Generation X, I am old enough to remember a time when almost all of us had an air of mystery about us — unless you were the kind to attract the gaze of the paparazzi,” writes Community Change Executive Director Shay Stewart-Bouley. “Now though,” she continues, “social media and the power of online searching mean that we don’t have as many secrets. And, in so many cases, this culture of social transparency means that we also don’t try as hard to keep any secrets.” In this post for Privacy Perspectives, Stewart-Bouley shares some of her personal story navigating a world where social sharing is easy and maintaining personal control is challenging but necessary. Read More

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Your new go-to page for all things Brexit

(Jul 20, 2016) As the dust settles from the initial reactions to news that the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, questions remain about what this transition will mean for global businesses. Privacy pros in particular will have questions surrounding data transfer, the potential applicability of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and what kinds of preparations to make now to be ready for the formal exit. The IAPP Resource Center is here to help with its new Brexit page, collecting all the news, guidance, analysis and tools we can find to help you navigate the impending changes. Check back often, as this page will grow and change as new information becomes available. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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Beggars Group suffers data breach, financial information compromised

(Jul 20, 2016) Pitchfork reports record company Beggars Group, owner of several independent labels, has suffered a data breach. Beggars released a letter saying its online stores have been hacked, and customers’ sensitive information, including credit card numbers, customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers, may have been compromised. “On May 4, 2016, we were advised by our third-party website developer that it had identified and removed suspicious files from the e-commerce websites of the record labels for... Read More

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Startup allows consumers to be proactive in preventing identity theft

(Jul 20, 2016) TechCrunch reports on a new startup aiming to assist individuals in preventing identity theft. Civic sends users push notifications or text messages through their phones anytime their Social Security number is used during a transaction, allowing the user to stop the transaction immediately. Civic accomplishes this through its Identity Protection Network, a system of businesses collecting users’ personal data, including banks, financial services, or any other organization asking for an SSN. “You ... Read More

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