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Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, Oct. 19, 2018

Kris Klein, CIPM, CIPP/C, FIP
I’m in the midst of a few projects this week that have me helping clients with privacy impact assessments. In the 21 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve yet to encounter a project like this that I could characterize as mundane. Even the most seemingly innocuous projects that involve personal informatio...
Therrien voices concern over Bill C-58
Appearing before the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien discussed Bill C-58 and voiced concern for its current form. Therrien said amendments are needed to strike a balance between access to information and privacy rights. He...
2018 IAPP-EY Privacy Governance Report
The IAPP and EY Thursday announce the release of the fourth annual IAPP-EY Privacy Governance Report, the authoritative look at how the job of privacy is done, with documentation of average budgets, staff sizes, program priorities, and much more. This year, the responses include a much greater propo...
GoDaddy wins 2018 HPE-IAPP Innovation Award at PSR
Presented at its Privacy. Security. Risk. conference in Austin, Texas, the IAPP has named GoDaddy as the winner of this year's HPE-IAPP Innovation Award. GoDaddy is being recognized for its privacy program's vision and mission, integrating the need to process personal data to provision products and ...
Manjoo: The pros and cons of data-driven businesses
Here at the Privacy. Security. Risk. conference in Austin, Texas, New York Times Tech Columnist Farhad Manjoo provided a keynote address that raised many questions with few easy answers. Certainly, writes Ryan Chiavetta, CIPP/US, for The Privacy Advisor, Manjoo laid out a compelling case for why con...