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(Sep 23, 2016) Two things to mention this week: First, and quickly, if you've ever thought the people at the OPC are a dry, humourless bunch, think again. I’m not going to give it away, but let's just say their blog this week is worth reading — if not for the educational component, at least for the giggles.  The post was their way of announcing the results of the sweep they undertook last spring. You know, the one in which they decided to look at fitness trackers as part of the larger global initiative that ... Read More

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GPEN unimpressed with state of connected devices

(Sep 23, 2016) The Global Privacy Enforcement Network, a group of data protection authorities from around the globe, has released the results of its latest annual privacy sweep, this time examining connected devices. The findings? “The privacy communications of internet-connected devices are generally poor and fail to inform users about exactly what personal information is being collected and how it will be used,” reads a press release. Twenty-five privacy enforcers took part in the sweep, which took place in ... Read More

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University of Ottawa loses hard drive with disabled students' information

(Sep 23, 2016) CBC News reports the University of Ottawa suffered a data breach, exposing the information of 900 students after a hard drive went missing. The hard drive contained information on individuals who used university resources for students with physical or learning disabilities, or students with mental health issues applying for special accommodations. "The university takes its role in safeguarding personal information and using it in an appropriate manner very seriously. Measures have been put in place at SASS to reduce the risk of the situation recurring. The university is deeply sorry about this situation," the university said. Read More

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Yahoo prepared to confirm 2012 data breach

(Sep 22, 2016) International Business Times reports Yahoo is reportedly prepared to confirm the legitimacy of the 2012 data breach exposing 200 million customers’ accounts. The report says anonymous sources claim the announcement could lead to government investigations, legal actions, and could affect its deal with Verizon. The 2012 leak included information on usernames, hashed passwords and dates of birth. The hacker, known only as “Peace,” uploaded the data to the underground marketplace called The Real Dea... Read More

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Op-ed: Google’s Allo app worth using, despite privacy concerns

(Sep 22, 2016) In an op-ed for Gizmodo, Michael Nunez advocates for Google’s new messaging app Allo, despite having concerns about its privacy capabilities. Nunez enjoys the app’s integration with Google’s artificial intelligence, and its use of Google Assistant to help call upon information and help organize a user’s itinerary. “It’s a little creepy to willingly let Google’s AI read your conversations, especially if you’re concerned about your privacy, but I say it’s completely worth it for the level of conv... Read More

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Tracker browser extension from Ghostery gets an update

(Sep 22, 2016) Ghostery has announced the newest iteration of its browser extension, dubbed Ghostery 7, the company announced on its website. “Ghostery gives you the tools to see, understand and block/unblock tracking technologies (called trackers) on the sites you visit, giving you a cleaner, faster and safer browsing experience,” the report states. New features include a more streamlined user interface, updated amenities for those who make accounts with Ghostery, and tracker alerts. “Time and time again, we ... Read More

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Cisco using data science to stop password sharing

(Sep 22, 2016) Cisco has announced that it is working toward a method to thwart video service password sharing — a practice that cost the media industry $500 million in 2015, reports Videonet. The concept uses data science to determine “where authorized users would normally be (geographically), the times of day they use the service (typically) and other behavioral characteristics that can identify them.” Cisco demonstrated this work in progress at IBC 2016 and is in testing for creating a deployable product. The company also aims to use similar methods to identify legitimate subscribers to pay TV that redistribute broadcast signals. The next question is what to do once they can identify individuals sidestepping the systems. Read More

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Why we need Women Leading Privacy

(Sep 21, 2016) Last year, we published some data here at the IAPP showing that the privacy profession is, in large part, gender balanced. There are roughly the same amount of women as men working in privacy, they’re at roughly the same levels in their organizations, and, in the U.S. at least, they’re within about 5 percent of each other in mean pay (yeah, the guys are higher). You gotta squint just a bit, but that looks like equality. Partly because of that, we’re often asked why, then, we need a Women Leading Privacy group here at the IAPP. To which IAPP Publications Director Sam Pfeifle says: “Dudes! C’mon,” in this piece for Privacy Perspectives. Read More

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OneTrust acquires Optanon, website auditing solution

(Sep 20, 2016) At last week’s Privacy. Security. Risk. conference, automated PIA and data mapping solution provider OneTrust announced the acquisition of U.K. firm Optanon, a software maker that provides website auditing and cookie compliance solutions. To discuss the deal, IAPP Publications Director Sam Pfeifle caught up with Alan Dabbiere, OneTrust chairman, for The Privacy Advisor. “This gave us a huge expansion of our product line and got us there at a rational price, with solid technology and happy customers,” he said. Editor’s Note: OneTrust and the IAPP recently released a PIA automation tool exclusively for IAPP members. Read More

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Roundup: Kuwait, Israel, Antigua, US and more

(Sep 20, 2016) In this week’s Privacy Tracker legislative roundup, read about plans in Antigua & Barbuda to craft drone privacy legislation. A Canadian bill that would keep genetic testing information private is on shaky ground. The EU Court of Justice ruled to give protections to providers of free Wi-Fi. Israel’s Supreme Court has upheld the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and ILITA has put out draft guidelines on workplace monitoring. Zimbabwe is working toward a cybercrime law. And in the U.S., the sanctity of cellphones has been preserved in Arizona’s Supreme Court; Montana’s Supreme Court has ruled for greater privacy protections for student education records; and New Jersey took a step closer to limiting retailers’ collection of customer data. (IAPP member login required.) Read More

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