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(Aug 24, 2016) The lead privacy regulators of Canada and Australia have released the results of their joint investigation into the Ashley Madison data breach. The investigation revealed Ashley Madison had “inadequate security safeguards and policies” and misled users with a “phony trustmark icon” on the site’s homepage, The Globe and Mail reports. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada requires Ashley Madison to build better security systems and offer users more control of their data. “The most broadly applicable ... Read More

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Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, August 19, 2016

(Aug 19, 2016) I went to see the newest “Jason Bourne” movie on the weekend. I thought it was good. My teenage son tagged along and we both agreed that you can’t have a Hollywood blockbuster these days that doesn’t delve into a privacy-related issue. I won’t give it away in case you haven’t seen it (no spoilers!), but the fake Facebook used in the movie was an interesting choice. I wonder if the real Facebook has had to deal with the issues portrayed in the movie (i.e., creation of back doors to allow for uns... Read More

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Health critic wants to see Health PEI’s response to Snapchat incident

(Aug 19, 2016) CBC News reports health critic James Aylward wants to see what precautions Health PEI has taken following the termination of an employee sending photos of deceased patients on Snapchat. Aylward is requesting to call witnesses from Health PEI to ensure steps are taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring. "I think that we owe it to all Islanders to ensure that, particularly our seniors, when they're going into these seniors' facilities that they are safe, they are protected," Aylward said.... Read More

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Op-ed: Canadian privacy laws may be behind ‘Jeopardy!’ controversy

(Aug 19, 2016) In an op-ed for the Financial Post, Andrew Schiestel discusses how privacy laws are factoring into a recent issue with the long running game show “Jeopardy!” Canadian citizens were temporarily banned from participating on the show, and privacy laws may be the culprit. According to two Canadian lawyers, the “Jeopardy!” producers and lawyers “could be concerned about two federal laws — the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act,” writes... Read More

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Newfoundland and Labrador privacy commissioner investigating two data breaches

(Aug 19, 2016) CBC News reports the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Newfoundland and Labrador is investigating two privacy breaches that occurred between March and July. The first involved an employee from the Motor Vehicle Registry accessing an individual’s information without permission. The person was notified of the breach, and the employee’s activity from the last six months is under review, with the privacy commissioner determining whether to charge the employee. The second breach ... Read More

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Canada’s police chiefs pass resolution to obtain passwords with judge’s consent

(Aug 19, 2016) The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police passed a resolution requesting legal measures to force people to deliver electronic passwords with a judge’s consent, The Canadian Press reports. The police chiefs cite criminals increasing use of encryption to hide illegal activities. RCMP Assistant Commissioner Joe Oliver said there is nothing in Canadian law compelling an individual to hand over a password during a law enforcement investigation. "The victims in the digital space are real," Oliver s... Read More

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Canadian border privacy drama ends, defendant pleads guilty

(Aug 19, 2016) A man arrested at the Halifax airport in 2015 after refusing to give border officers his cellphone password has plead guilty and was sentenced with a $500 fine, the National Post reports. His refusal to challenge the charge is a “missed opportunity” for setting precedent in a legal gray area, said Dalhousie University’s Law and Technology Institute Director Robert Currie. “What we have not seen to date is a case where a court has really wrestled with all of [the opposing case law] and tried to p... Read More

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Free GDPR compliance tool from Nymity

(Aug 18, 2016) Nymity has released its GDPR Compliance Toolkit, GlobeNewswire reports in a press release. The free tool “equips privacy officers with the resources necessary to understand, assess and develop a plan for complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation,” the report states. "We are pleased to share extensive research into [operationalizing] GDPR compliance in the form of pragmatic tools for free in order to help ensure organizations successfully plan and prepare for demonstrable compliance with the GDPR," said President and Founder of Nymity, Terry McQuay, CIPM, CIPP/C, CIPP/E, CIPP/G, CIPP/US. "These free tools work standalone or in combination with our suite of solutions developed to attain, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance." Read More

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The Olympic Panopticon

(Aug 17, 2016) Thanks to technological advances, we have more access to Olympic athletes than ever before. However, wonders IAPP Publications Director Sam Pfeifle in a piece for Privacy Perspectives, is it anyone’s job to wonder when we know too much? If we allow that constant observation is certain to change behavior, what are we doing to these athletes when the cameras never leave them? As we revel in amazing stories, both athletic and personal, perhaps we also need to make time to consider what we’re losing, and what the athletes are losing, in exchange. Read More

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Webinar: Choice, consent and cookies

(Aug 17, 2016) Keeping one’s data governance practices in line with privacy policy commitments is increasingly difficult given the rapid pace of communications technology evolution. Do privacy professionals know what cookies and other tracking technologies are currently operating on their websites and mobile platforms, and if they’re in compliance with existing and soon to be in-force local and international regulations? In the webinar “Choice & Consent: Who's governing the cookies and tags on your websites?,” listeners will learn how to govern their sites’ and mobile platforms’ use of various technologies for collecting and sharing data. Read More

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