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The Privacy Advisor | With Thanksgiving around the corner, these apps are sure to have techies everywhere giving thanks. Related reading: LIBE votes to push Lauristin's ePrivacy Regulation forward


Speed-Dating Meets Avatar with Anomo

A “multi-identity social network” where I can control my privacy and meet people without awkward silences? Neat-o! If you hate making small talk while attempting to connect with a new person, check out this app.  According to the app’s creator, “Anomo is the newest mobile social discovery app, available both for the iPhone and Android, teaching people how to engage in rich, quality social interactions in an easy, safe, and real way. Users create an ‘anomo,’ similar to an avatar, that allows the utmost privacy while first meeting someone digitally.”  The more comfortable you become with them, the more information you may share.  Anomo: Helping anyone know more people.

Risk® for Real: MegaPath Data Breach Risk Calculator

Ten questions, that’s all it takes for the MegaPath Data Breach Risk Calculator to provide participants with insight into the likelihood of their organization having a data breach within the near future.  According to its press release, “MegaPath's Data Breach Risk Calculator generates three analyses based on users' responses to the questionnaire: Overall data breach cost as a range variable, the probability of a data breach within the next 12 months and five subcomponents of data breach detection and escalation, containment and remediation, information loss, business interruption and reputation impact.” Additionally it provides a detailed report that explains the methodology, directions for interpreting the results and tips for reducing the risk of a data breach.

LiquidVPN: Keeping Your Internet Connection Liquid

Liquid VPN does it again. In an unprecedented move, Liquid VPN enables users to freely switch between shared IP, dynamic IP, modulating IP and static IP addresses based on the type of access and privacy desired. In a major leap ahead of the competition, these new offerings further distinguish LiquidVPN as a top competitor in the VPN service market.  For a choice in access, look to LiquidVPN.

Healthcare Compliance Solutions from My HIPAA Security

Are you scrambling because your training program is not in compliance with the new omnibus rule?  If so, this may be a solution for you. The templates provided by can give you a leg to stand on.  The kit includes the PowerPoint presentation (PPT), training manual, checklists, employee-tracking spreadsheet and a certificate of completion template so you can document the training status of your employees.

Anonymity for Unstructured Data with PARAT 5.3

PARAT 5.3 extends the de-identification and masking structures of the PARAT program to unstructured data. It has the capacity to enable organizations to gain richer analytics from their information while still safeguarding their data. According to Privacy Analytics CEO Khaled El Emam, “The software matches structured and unstructured data values to ensure the consistency and integrity of data while also tying masked personal information to corresponding anonymized unstructured text for richer analysis. This allows privacy officers to safeguard personal information across their enterprise and statisticians and data analytic professionals to leverage it for secondary use.”

Huawei Shows the BYOD Way

Huawei’s recent enterprise BYOD offering provides a flexible and secure launching platform for launching applications, and single applications can be delivered across multiple platforms. Personal desktop platforms can be remotely accessed and backed up via the Cloud. The program claims to increase work efficiency and utilizes innovative marketing models, resulting in an increased level of customer satisfaction. If your organization is in search of a secure BYOD solution, Huawei may have the solution for you.

Marble Messenger:  A Marvel for Medical Personnel

Doctors and nurses and med-techs, oh-my! Marble Security addresses the compliance issues surrounding the use of mobile technology in lifesaving scenarios with Marble Messenger. The cloud-based service combines advanced mobile security management functionality with essential mobile app management and mobile device management capabilities. Marble is defining the emerging mobile security category with advanced features like app-scanning, secure browsing and real-time cyber-threat protection. For secure and compliant communications, Marble may be the solution for your healthcare organization.


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