The Guardian reports on Vodafone’s plans “to take a stand on privacy by asking British ministers, and the governments of each of the 25 countries in which it operates, for the right to disclose the number of demands it receives for wiretapping and customer data.” Amidst the continued fallout of the Snowden revelations, Vodafone plans to write to Home Secretary Theresa May and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling seeking improved transparency. "We want all of our customers worldwide to feel they are at liberty to communicate with each other as they see fit. We want our networks to be big and busy with people who are confident they can communicate with each other freely; anything that inhibits that is very bad for any commercial operator," said Vodafone CPO Stephen Deadman. Editor’s Note: Deadman recently spoke on a panel related to surveillance at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress, featured in this report from The Privacy Advisor.
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