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The Privacy Advisor | The top 10 resources of 2018 Related reading: DPO Report Template


As we close out yet another year of phenomenal growth in the privacy industry and here at the IAPP, we offer this look at our most-accessed resources.

You'll see that despite California's best efforts, the GDPR has held on tight to its top-dog status in the minds of privacy and data protection professionals. It should be interesting to see whether that trend continues in 2019, or if we see Brazil's new law, India's potential new law and, of course, the California Consumer Privacy Act taking more of that market share.

In the meantime, thanks to all our contributors for helping us make this valuable content possible. And cheers to another year of job security! (By the way, those with an asterisk [*] are open to IAPP members only.)

1. Sample Data Protection Policy Template
This page offers two versions of privacy policies: one for smaller organizations that need to comply with GDPR, and another for those that don't need to. Both come in Word doc format, so they're easy to customize for your particular needs.

2. Top 10 Operational Impacts of the GDPR
Topping basically every one of our 2017 top 10 lists, this series of articles from the IAPP's Westin Research Center remains an essential source of knowledge and guidance for privacy pros worldwide.

3. The GDPR*
This page collects tools, articles, research and analysis related to the GDPR. It's where you'll find many of the items below, and should be the jumping off point for handling any GDPR challenges you're facing.

4. Sample GDPR Consent Dialogues
Johnny Ryan offers up examples of what GDPR-compliant consent requests and tracking consent interfaces might look like for PageFair.

5. DPO Toolkit*
From a sample job description to research on how much training is required of a DPO to get baseline GDPR knowledge, the DPO Toolkit has loads of resources that should be instrumental in performing the DPO role as mandated by the GDPR. 

6. All of the European Data Protection Board and Article 29 Working Party Opinions and Documents*
We created this page when, during the change over from the WP29 to the EDPB, the WP29 opinions were taken offline. It was so popular, we've decided to keep the ball rolling and post all the EDPB documents here too. 

7. The EU General Data Protection Regulation in HTML format
The IAPP created this html version of the GDPR in order to provide a way to easily link to specific articles and recitals. We find it really valuable for our articles, and apparently you do, too.

8. GDPR: How To Create the Best Privacy Notices with Examples
This article by Ben Davis for offers guidance on creating GDPR-compliant privacy notices, including examples of user interfaces that fit with the GDPR's requirements that notices are clear, concise and easily understandable.

9. Introduction to Privacy
Law agnostic, this page has articles and tools to help you get a basic understanding of the job of the privacy pro and data protection laws and practices around the globe.

10. The California Consumer Privacy Act*
The CCPA made a big enough splash to hit number 10 on the list and this page is where you can find analysis and compliance help in the form of articles, web conferences, podcasts, tools and more.

Honorable mention: 

1. (well, #1 in our hearts) EU Member State GDPR Derogation Implementation Chart*
This is my newest baby and I can't let it go unmentioned. Also, I know the only reason it's not on this list is because it's only been in the world for a week or so. So IAPP members, go check it out! It's a super helpful tool where you can compare and contrast EU member state laws and their treatments of different aspects of the GDPR that were left to countries to determine. 

Is your favorite missing from this list? Let people know about it in the comments.

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