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The Privacy Advisor | The top 10 IAPP web cons of 2018 Related reading: Top 10 Privacy Perspectives of 2018



Fifty! The big 5-oh. With a recording happening this very day, that's how many web conferences the IAPP has put together in 2018, all under the watchful eye of IAPP Knowledge Manager Dave Cohen, CIPP/E, CIPP/US. And you seemed eager to attend or access just about every one of them. In total, we're edging up on 75,000 total listens to our entire web conference library this year, and that library now contains more than 250 web conference recordings. 

This year, as you might expect, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation dominated the top of our web conference charts, but was we look here at the top 10 most-accessed web conferences, you'll see that even if they were focused on the GDPR, many of the topics can easily be extrapolated to any jurisdiction; things like data mapping best practices, creating performance indicators, and risk management strategies are useful for any privacy program, anywhere in the world. 

Further, we'd like to thank our sponsors for subsidizing many of these live broadcasts. They make it possible for us to bring you excellent, engaging, and useful content free of charge. While the IAPP always maintains full editorial control of these broadcasts, the sponsors provide excellent feedback and direction, along with their often-technical expertise, based on their interactions with privacy professionals around the world. 

So, without further ado, here are the most popular web conferences of the year:

1. "GDPR for Dummies" - Yes, MetaCompliance paid the freight to make use of the popular guide-franchise moniker. And something about that labeling works! If you're looking for a practical, get-up-t0-speed-in-a-hurry primer, this is it. 

2. "GDPR Compliance Insights" - This program, brought to you by Gigya, focuses on using the GDPR as a marketing tool while you evaluate risk against any potential enforcement actions. How do you comply without hurting the customer experience? This is your program for that.

3. "From Privacy Project to Privacy Program" - Okay, so you've got the GDPR covered. Now you're done, right? Of course not. But this program, brought to you by Nymity, can help you figure out how to extend work you've done for the GDPR into compliance programs for the California Consumer Privacy Act and much more. 

4. "GDPR 72-Hour Notification" - Seventy-two hours!?! We can barely get people to return an email in less than that. Regardless, the GDPR requires prompt notification to regulators upon discovery. Luckily, this program underwritten by Radar is here to help. 

5. "Benchmarking Metrics and KPIs" - As privacy continues to move beyond compliance and into operations, it's important to have a way to gauge effectiveness and performance. This program, brought to you by Radar, looks at creating metrics that are useful and instructive.  

6. "Build Your Privacy Program for the People" - Sure, the GDPR is a big deal, but is that the only reason you've got a privacy program? If so, it's probably not going to go well. As this program underwritten by Integris outlines, using privacy to build your brand and customer trust is likely to work out better in the long run. 

7. "Data Governance in the Age of Increased Privacy and Security Risks" - If you don't have a handle on how data flows through your organization, where it's stored, and how it's destroyed, privacy is going to be a difficult task. No worries, though. This program, underwritten by Collibra, focuses on building a data governance program to serve the business.  

8. "Staffing the DPO Role — Internal or External? Attorney or No?" - While the title isn't new, the responsibilities created by the GDPR are. What's an organization that triggers the mandatory DPO role to do? This session, brought to you by the IAPP's Privacy Bar Section, looks at the options. 

9. "Practical Preparation for the CCPA" - Wait. There's a privacy law that matters that isn't the GDPR? Are you sure? This program, brought to you by OneTrust, will make you quite sure. There's yet another deadline to hit for many organizations: January 1, 2020. 

10. "IAPP-OneTrust Research: Bridging ISO 27001 to GDPR" - Building on research conducted by the IAPP's Westin Research Center, this program, underwritten by OneTrust, looks at the common demands of ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance and provides a crosswalk with which security and privacy pros can find common ground. 

Photo credit: david drexler [headphones] via photopin (license)


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