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I think the funniest things are the most observant. I also think there’s power in changing your perspective. I also believe that privacy, at its core, is an interdisciplinary subject, best digested when considered something more than a “law thing.” I’m also convinced that we learn best when our guards are down. Laughter does that. And that's why The Privacy Empress blog exists. That’s why I am so excited to be at the helm of the Privacy Empress GIF blog. Inspired by the inaugural site of this type, whatshouldwecallme, this little endeavor is my attempt to imbue the privacy landscape with just a wee more cheekiness, all the while pointing readers to interesting and topical articles that inform the good ole fashioned way. I’ll be reacting to a handful of privacy- and data protection-related headlines with a GIF or two, each cycle of The Privacy Advisor. Check back to this hub for updates, but don’t forget to explore the full tumblr blog to catch up on any posts you may have missed. — The Privacy Empress 


Remember that "boy who cried wolf" story? The one that's basically a tale beleaguered kindergarten teachers like telling to keep their students out of pickles and (hopefully) their metaphorical hair?

If you don't know it, it stars this menace-child who lives in an unnamed village of yore. He's literally always whining about wolves outside the gates, because he suffers from middle-child syndrome and is wasting away from lack of attention (I made that part up.). 

Anyways. He's continuously pulling these weirdly joyless pranks, wringing his hands about monsters, until wolves actually **do** show up. He ... cries wolf, as he is wont to do. But the townsfolk? At this point, they're just like, "Jerry, for Pete's sake, this dumb stuff is the reason we ignore you in the first place. For the love of all that is good, can you please pursue a solitary hobby?" The problem is, as aforementioned, he wasn't lying this time around. The villagers are all then eaten by wolves, including Jerry. Or something unpleasant to that effect. 

Image result for god jerry gif

Where am I going with this?

I'll just say it: Last month's edition of TPE I feel prey to the siren song of a slam-dunk April Fool's prank, joked about leaving the my job (classsssic Sagittarius move, AMMIRITE?) and followed up by promising I wasn't going anywhere  ... andnowIactuallyam. 

While my little corner of the IAPP may be all about jokes, this time, it's for real. I'm #livingmybestlife and pursuing a new opportunity in [REDACTED]

I'm excited, but bummed. (Too bad they didn't have a word for that ... spicybland? Sugarygross? It will come to me.) It's been fun being your Privacy Empress, and I'm sad to have to relinquish the throne. But excited to move to [REDACTED] to work with [REDACTED]. 

SO, to my lovely readers: I'll borrow the words from that frustratingly talented crossover success's irritatingly catchy love-ballad for my sign-off. They're the only ones that truly feel right: 

"Say you'll remember me/standing in a nice dress/staring at the sunset/yeah." 

Enjoy this last collection of GIFs, and farewell!

The Privacy Empress 

Reading points, counterpoints on the repeal of the FCC broadband privacy rules

Want to take the plunge yourself? Here’s a good place to start.  

Reading about all the fun stuff happening on the ground at Summit, and you're not there, like 

 U.S. internet privacy debate heats up — again

Ya don't say?

 After FCC privacy rollback, at least 21 privacy bills in 11 states

Here's the scoop. 

 Learning about the Swedish employees hosting parties to get RFID work chips in their fingers

More details here

Saying farewell like

It’s been real fun, y’all. Until we meet again.


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