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The Privacy Advisor | The Privacy Empress rides again Related reading: All hail the Privacy Empress: A GIF blog is born


I think the funniest things are the most observant. I also think there’s power in changing your perspective. I also believe that privacy, at its core, is an interdisciplinary subject, best digested when considered something more than a “law thing.” I’m also convinced that we learn best when our guards are down. Laughter does that. And that's why The Privacy Empress blog exists. That’s why I am so excited to be at the helm of the Privacy Empress GIF blog. Inspired by the inaugural site of this type, whatshouldwecallme, this little endeavor is my attempt to imbue the privacy landscape with just a wee more cheekiness, all the while pointing readers to interesting and topical articles that inform the good ole fashioned way. I’ll be reacting to a handful of privacy- and data protection-related headlines with a GIF or two, each cycle of The Privacy Advisor. Check back to this hub for updates, but don’t forget to explore the full tumblr blog to catch up on any posts you may have missed. -- The Privacy Empress 



Nice try, unseasonably warm New England summer − you can't get rid of me THAT easily. I'm back, y'all. Did you catch the first entry in this series

And because the news never sleeps, neither does the Empress. I've been reacting to headlines in typical form, collecting a few of my personal favorites for your reading  er, watching? pleasure, below. Don't forget to check out the full Tumblr blog here, which functions as a sort of Director's Cut™ of privacy GIF madness. 

Feeling creative? Send your own GIF reactions my way. I love to share the spotlight. 


 Upon discovering the myriad privacy issues associated with creature-collecting mobile game Pokemon Go


















Read the latest: Lawsuits filed against ‘Pokemon Go’, IP mapping company

 Australia's #CensusFail








Jed Bracy, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, editor of "Privacy Perspectives," reflects on the debacle in Lessons learned from Australia's '#CensusFail'

 This *entire* IoT sex toy breach story got me like








IoT sex toy shares private data with manufacturer. See what I mean? Blech.

After reading the IAPP's Privacy. Security. Risk. conference lineup









Don’t throw away yours, either. The Privacy.Security.Risk. conference is coming to San Jose Sept. 13-16. Find out more information here.   

 How it felt leak after Wikileak








Read more here: Ethics and the privacy harms of WikiLeaks


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