A group of computer scientists has found at least two dozen computers actively trying to sabotage the Tor privacy network, according to Ars Technica. The newly released paper, Spoiled Onions: Exposing Malicious Tor Exit Relays, is one of the first studies to document exit nodes purposely attempting to tamper with encrypted messages between the exit node and the open Internet. Developer Tal Ater has recently demonstrated that a microphone permission policy in Google Chrome can allow any site enabled for voice recognition to transcribe everything in range of the device without the user knowing. Separate research has revealed that privacy tools are used by 28 percent of the online world, or an estimated 415 million users. The GlobalWebIndex (GWI) study also found that 56 percent of those surveyed said they believe the Internet is eroding their personal privacy. The GWI study notes 11 percent of all users say they use the Tor network.
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