Canada Dashboard Digest | Should Saskatchewan's HIPA cover private clinics? Related reading: Oh Canada! Job grant aims to help professionals access trainings

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After hackers held a Saskatchewan sports clinic database for ransom last October, questions have arisen around the extent of the province's health privacy laws, CBC News reports. Pro Sport Rehab and Fitness, the clinic in question, said that names, addresses and health care numbers were among the information stolen in the attack. "However, because the clinic is private, it isn't included in Saskatchewan's Health Information Protection Act, despite the wishes of the privacy commissioner," the report states. Not including private clinics under the HIPA law creates a host of issues, with citizens unable to "have the same access and privacy rights and protections with respect to their personal health information," Information and Privacy Commissioner Ronald Kruzeniski wrote. His suggestions for Pro Sport included notifying victims of the attack. 
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