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Daily Dashboard | Report: Minority neighborhoods pay higher insurance premiums with same risk Related reading: EU seeks global recognition of digital regulations




In a report copublished with Consumer Reports, ProPublica has released an in-depth investigation into car insurance premiums based on location and how minority neighborhoods pay higher premiums than white areas with the same risk. The investigation looked into premiums in four states — California, Illinois, Texas, and Missouri — and found that minority neighborhoods paid as much as 30 percent more than non-minority regions for similar accident costs. The report states that "many of the disparities in auto insurance prices between minority and white neighborhoods are wider than differences in risk can explain." The American Civil Liberties Union's Rachel Goodman said, "We already know that zip code matters far too much in our segregated society." The Insurance Information Institute, however, disputes the report's findings. I.I.I. Chief Actuary James Lynch said companies "do not discriminate on the basis of race." 
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  • comment john tootsie • Apr 4, 2018
    Yea I am going to go out on a limb and say the real reason probably has to do with a LOT more factors than the racial makeup of the community, but everyone wants to jump to conclusions.
    My insurance nearly doubled when I moved from a upper middle class neighborhood to a lower/middle class neighborhood, despite the fact that my commute was cut by almost 2/3. But of course the insurer could care less about what my commute is and care more about the increased amount of idiot drivers who don’t care about other peoples property.
    - John from