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Whether its Big Data, lifeblogging, aggregation or consultant work you need, this month’s installment of the following products offer tools to help you do your job better. If you have a product you’d like featured, e-mail Associate Editor Angelique Carson at

IBM Survey Analytics and IBM Retention Analytics


These two new services from IBM purport to harness Big Data to keep employees from jumping ship.

Combining traditional sources such as performance reviews, employee surveys and workforce demographics with social media data entered both over workplace networks and on employees’ free time, IBM offers employers a glimpse into the thoughts and motivations of their employees.

The data generate a “heat map” that aims to key employers in to position-level sentiment and identify predictive “hot spots” where that sentiment appears likely to drive employees overboard.

Memoto Lifelogging Camera


Two photos a minute, 18 hours a day, for the rest of your life—that’s what Memoto promises.

This tiny camera is easily pinned to a lapel, where it captures life’s moments from the banal to the memorable—and everything in between.

Plugged into a computer during sleep, Memoto recharges while uploading the day’s catch to the cloud, where it is stored for rediscovery later.


MineCar™, MineFleet® and MineDrive™



Gathering data from a car’s multitude of sensors, these services from Agnik connect with the cloud, documenting driver behavior, fuel consumption and potential maintenance issues.

With the aid of a small onboard dongle, MineFleet® offers fleet owners a chance to monitor performance in aggregate or by focusing on one vehicle.

A similar product—MineDrive™—transmits to car insurance companies, allowing adjusters to “score your driving.” Highlighted data include speeding, risky sharp turns, frequent lane changes and high-speed tailgating.

MineCar™ sends real-time diagnostics and historical information about the car and driver to mechanics and garages.


Privacy Ref Roundtable Series



Small- and mid-sized businesses that don’t have resources to pour into privacy like large corporations need all the help they can get.

Here to help is Privacy Ref’s Roundtable Series.

Offering small, virtual meetings with Privacy Ref’s experts, the Roundtable aims to allow participants control over discussion topics. Six sessions per year, in addition to an initial organizational meeting, provide the backbone for this interactive privacy consultation.

IAPP members receive a Privacy Ref discount.


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