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Daily Dashboard | Ohlhausen: FTC will protect users if net neutrality is repealed Related reading: A look at ISO's new privacy management standard





In an Op-Ed for The Hill, Acting Federal Trade Commission Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen explains the ways her agency will protect internet users should the Federal Communications Commission repeal net neutrality regulations. "If the FCC were to repeal heavy-handed net neutrality regulations, net neutral practices wouldn’t disappear," Ohlhausen writes. "Indeed, where consumers desire net neutrality, they’ll get it through market competition, facilitated by antitrust and consumer protection law enforced by the FTC, state attorney generals, and private plaintiffs." Citing a 2007 report on net neutrality, Ohlhausen states the antitrust tools the FTC can use to challenge nonneutral practices on a case-by-case basis and ensure companies deliver what the consumers are seeking.
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