By Lindsey Partridge, CIPP/US

They want your information- Mwahahahaha!

Ok, so maybe they are not vampires; but they do want your information.  These tools will help keep your private messages under wraps.  If MUM’s the word or you want to keep prying eyes off your screen, check out this month’s privacy products; they’re hauntingly cool.

Zeekly:The Private Search Engine

What you search is a Zecret! That is because with Zeekly’s new private search engine website, the days of tracking your site visits and searches are gone. Jeffrey Sisk was inspired to create Zeekly, the private search engine, by the recent NSA scandal.

ShazzleMail Dazzles!


Free private e-mail is a reality. Mobile or desktop, Mac or PC, ShazzleMail harnesses the power of modern mobile technology to ensure a network of person-to-person delivery, avoiding the prying eyes of those who manage the physical or cloud-based servers. According to their website, “the ShazzleMail service finds the Internet location of the recipient and establishes an instant private network through a direct connection between the parties.” Look for ShazzleMail in the App Store this month.

Privacy Protection for your iPad
Privacy from 3M

Privacy in public brought to you by 3M. The privacy screen allows you to work in public with privacy by preventing others around you from seeing what is on screen while still maintaining image quality and touch-screen capacity. It also allows you to share the information by changing the iPad’s orientation.  The product features stay-clean edges and is easy to apply and remove.


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