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I am so pleased to be able to write the introduction to this action-packed digest while I tear myself away from watching the Rio Olympics.

Living in a city like Melbourne where sport is a local obsession, it has always struck me where the line should be drawn about what we need to know about athletes. Humans are naturally a nosy species and the media and other content businesses make it their business to give us what we want. But where do you draw the line and what price do athletes pay? Sam Pfeifle's article illustrates these issues through the experiences of athletes in the Olympics. 

They say an organisation's security is only as strong as its weakest link and oftentimes that link can be its employees. Training in not only privacy compliance but security is critical, but may not be top of the list for many organisations, as a recent Shred-it survey has found. Check out the survey and their practical tips for addressing these security challenges. 

LinkedIn's new lawsuit sheds light on how attackers got past its multiple cybersecurity systems in 2015 using a botnet to create fake profiles and to steal the profiles of an unknown number of customers. LinkedIn is trying to identify the attackers by seeking to compel internet providers and networks to disclose the identities behind IP addresses it believes are associated with the attack. The outcome of this case will potentially be an important step in the ongoing cybersecurity battle against hackers.

Mobile phone vulnerabilities are a challenge for us all and the latest risk to be aware of is the ability for our finger and key strokes to be digitally recorded through 'video jacking' as a result of using untrustworthy USB ports, for example to charge our phones. (I shall be purchasing an extra mobile battery today.)

The digest also includes some further reflections of implications (or not) of Brexit on preparation for the GDPR, a survey on the security of the public cloud, a report on the recent data breach suffered by U.K. software firm Sage and a story on a new risks analysis program for commercial drones.

And finally, hands up, who has a connected sex toy? If you do, then you should make sure it’s not sharing your most intimate data and is secure from hackers while you enjoy it!


On that note, happy reading.


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