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Greetings from Portsmouth, NH!

With today's Digest, and the IAPP original works within it, I'm left more than ever pondering how small the globe has become. 

Look at Isabel Tseng's thought piece on Facebook's experimental attempt to combat non-consensual pornography: a student in California writing for a publication six thousand miles away in New Hampshire about a program developed in Australia by a company headquartered just a few miles up the road back in California. Around the World in 80 Days? Isn't it quaint to think that 80 days was once nearly unthinkable?

And just look at the world's regulators. The International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners has never seemed so tightly knit. Are we on the path toward a global standard for privacy regulation? It seems hard to believe that national legislative bodies would ever agree on the "right" way to regulate privacy, but, if the world's regulators are working in tandem, is it possible a standard of care for personal data emerges by default as a reaction to where regulators focus their attentions?

A law, of course, is only as good as its enforcer. If all of the enforcers begin to agree on what's an "offense," will that carry more weight than any individual country's law? I would certainly recommend paying close attention to the pieces below that gather up all of the DPAs' resolutions and reports, along with the research on their common activities. If you're looking to predict and evaluate risk, these piece present great data points to work with. 

Finally, there is the relatively blockbuster news that Australia will be joining the APEC CBPRs system. Don't sleep on CBPRs. They are set to become the standard for cross-border data flow throughout the 22 APEC countries (Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Japan, China, and so many more) and while they have taken some time to catch on, the current momentum is impossible to deny, with South Korea and Singapore already coming on board this year. And there is every possibility that CBPRs will be recognized as a cross-border scheme by the GDPR, which would add more than 30 more countries to the list. Wouldn't it be nice to have a framework that allows you to safely transfer data amongst more than 50 countries? 

A small world, indeed. 


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