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Greetings from Portsmouth, New Hampshire!

As I’m sure you likely know, Disney+ launched earlier this week. While I am looking forward to seeing the Star Wars and Marvel movies (to Martin Scorsese, I apologize), I don’t think I’ll be watching outdated shows from my childhood or the really, really weird movies Disney made in the 1970s, like the ones where young Kurt Russell fights robots. Or was he a robot? I’m not going to look it up. There are also way too many streaming services coming down the pipeline. Who has time to watch all this stuff?

As millions around the world decide whether “A Goofy Movie” still holds up, we here at the IAPP will start to examine the year that was and what will come ahead in 2020 (my high school English teachers would give this transition a harsh C-). Privacy professionals had plenty to keep their eyes on in 2019, whether it is enforcement actions from the Federal Trade Commission, the back and forth on Capitol Hill over a federal privacy act and their preparation for the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Speaking of CCPA preparations, the IAPP is accepting submissions for a short survey to benchmark where organizations are as they get ready for the upcoming law to go into effect. It will only take five minutes, and all answers are kept strictly confidential. You’ll feel better for doing it.

This March will be my fourth year at the IAPP, and in that time, I went from a privacy novice to writing in this space you see before you. I am mostly confident my parents are proud of me. When I first started, the EU General Data Protection Regulation hadn’t even been adopted yet, and U.S. privacy laws seemed off in the distance.

Now we are going into 2020, and its early months will be dominated by a U.S. state law that covers one of the largest economies in the world. And this isn’t where this story will end. Other states may follow California’s lead and pass their own privacy laws this coming year, and after the November election, we may have an idea about a timeline for a federal privacy law, as well. OK, that last one may not be as certain, but it’s safe to say that several events in 2020 will dictate what privacy’s trajectory will be over the course of the third decade of the 21st century.

But until the clock strikes midnight Jan. 1 and the CCPA era begins, I hope the holiday season treats all of you right.

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  • comment Ovidiu Balaj • Nov 17, 2019
    Thank you for this article, and all the other articles you've written. I just joined the IAPP and I am very excited to learn and get to know people in this field.