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Canada Dashboard Digest | Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, April 7, 2017 Related reading: Privacy inspection tool finds ad trackers on sensitive nonprofit websites





Hi folks. Excuse the brevity of my remarks this week. I’m on vacation and we have strict rules about how much time we’re allowed on devices each day. 

What strikes me this week as I read the week’s past news stories is how much privacy we don’t clearly protect in Canada. There’s a story about a landlord in Newfoundland and Labrador who wired his house with hidden cameras. Yes, that's creepy! I think they made a movie about this awhile back as a sort of fictional thriller.

Then, there’s another story about how neighbors are using drones to spy on one another. Again, creepy. At least the first problem is addressed, somewhat, by PIPEDA.

But, what’s missing in all of this is a solid legal background that clearly sets out rules for what is and, more importantly, what isn’t ok. I guess we have moved so quickly into to this new world of ubiquitous and altogether way-too-easy surveillance that our lawmakers haven’t fully caught up. I wonder how many more crazy stories in the news it will take before they wake up and realize that privacy is multifaceted, complex, here to stay, AND important. And unfortunately we still have way too many gaps.

Okay, folks. My time is up! Back to the pool, midafternoon sangria in hand.


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