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Canada Dashboard Digest | Notes from the IAPP Canada Managing Director, April 19, 2019 Related reading: Firefox browser to add global privacy control signal





More and more organizations are getting organized and engaging the IAPP to provide certification training. The first year I delivered the training, I think I did it twice. This year, however, we will be providing dozens of training sessions to hundreds of folks wanting to better understand privacy in Canada.

This past week, it was a financial institution that invited me. Their privacy management program has incorporated a privacy working group with representatives from all facets of the business. Each of these privacy champions put their laptops and cellphones away — gasp! — for two days so they could learn the ins and outs of the CIPP/C course.

Some were new to this idea of a privacy working group, and our discussions sometimes revolved around more foundational topics, like the 10 privacy principles found in most privacy legislation in Canada. We discussed how these 10 privacy principles evolved out of concepts that were first enunciated by the OECD in the 1980s, and as such, some of the principles are at least a bit at odds with how business and technology has evolved since then. For example, can we say that today’s world of big data really adheres to the limiting collection and limiting use principle? Has AI and machine learning created a reality where we need to rethink these principles so that they can still play a role in protecting the privacy of Canadians?

When we got to the issue of trans-border data flows, I had to admit that things are, as of last week’s change in position by the OPC, in a state of flux. We had a short brainstorming session about how they might operationalize the OPC’s position and, admittedly, we didn’t come up with many good ways of obtaining express consent at every stage of an interaction with a customer.

Speaking of the change in TBDF position, which I wrote about last week, several other pundits wrote their thoughts, as well. We include Michael Geist’s opinion in our clips below. Spend some time reading it. Maybe you have similar views, or maybe you have a different take on things. Then, start thinking about how you might get involved to help inform the debate. 

Have a great (long) weekend.


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