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Daily Dashboard | How DNA results will change with science Related reading: Notes from the IAPP Editorial Director, Aug. 16, 2019




In an article for ZDNet, David Gewirtz reflects on his own genetic history and writes, "DNA research is fascinating, but where it's going is pretty troubling." After learning of his genetic history through an Ancestry DNA kit, Gewirtz received a message months later explaining his results were updated because as science improves, so too may DNA results. Gewirtz cautions against where the DNA industry is moving, adding, "Many DNA test purchasers simply want to know a little bit more about their family history and heritage. But this may be a problem that will haunt us and future generations. Throughout the years, we have seen how technology has no innate morality, it just 'is.' It's up to us, and how we use these marvels will determine whether we're amazed or horrified."
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