Slate reports on a collection of so-called anonymous apps—including Whisper, Yik Yak and Secret—and how the services often use a smartphone’s location or contact list. Whisper said it tracks users and may get into targeted advertising. Additionally, The New York Times reports that BuzzFeed is uniting with Whisper, which allows users to anonymously share secrets. BuzzFeed will be allowed to mine the “confessions” for possible stories, the report states. In a column for Medium, venture capitalist Austin Hill writes about the economics of anonymous apps and doles out advice to developers: “When you are playing in the identity, privacy, anonymity and trust area, you need to plan far ahead,” he writes, adding, “Do your homework and tread carefully.” Meanwhile, two privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission urging the agency to investigate the Facebook-WhatsApp deal.
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