Despite indications from the European Commission that the EU Data Protection Regulation would be fast-tracked for spring of 2014, EurActiv reports today that the conclusions of the EU summit now call for the regulation to be enacted “by 2015,” which the report quotes French President François Hollande as meaning the beginning of that year. While many observers felt the regulation would certainly pass before the May 2014 elections, following the vote of the LIBE committee earlier this week, there is now speculation that the UK’s opposition to the regulation led to the delay. “A senior EU official told EurActiv on condition of anonymity that (UK Prime Minister David) Cameron had fought hard for the 2015 date and began the summit negotiations arguing that it would be better to have no deadline at all.” The same report notes that France and Germany have teamed to review their espionage relations with the U.S. and that Italy is now concerned the UK was involved in spying on Italian government officials. (Editor's Note: Need to make sense of where the EU regulation stands? We've got a web conference for that. And it's free for IAPP members.)
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