By Pablo A. Palazzi


Data Protection Agency of Argentina Issue Enforcement Notices

Data controllers who have not yet adopted security measures for personal databases are receiving their first notices requesting compliance with Disposition 11/2006, which relates to maintaining confidentiality of personal records and databases and avoiding data breaches. The first stage to adopt security ended on September 2007. Penalties for non-compliance include fines and database closure.

New Video Surveillance Law for the City of Buenos Aires

The legislature of the city of Buenos Aires has enacted a video surveillance law—n. 2602—to control use of video cameras in the city. The law provides that the local government can use video cameras to combat crime, but those cameras cannot be used to record the interior of private property. Video cameras must comply also with national data protection law (law 25326) and the local data protection law (law 1845). The recordings must be maintained for at least 30 days.


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