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Privacy Tracker | Global News Roundup—August 17-24, 2015 Related reading: Peru’s New Law: Fighting Crime at What Privacy Price?


In Canada, commissioners have combined efforts to come up with new BYOD guidelines, and Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton is fighting a ruling she says limits her power to hold the government accountable. Also in this week’s Privacy Tracker legislative roundup, read about the new draft cybersecurity strategy adopted by the Japanese government. The Electronic Frontier Foundation says the Peruvian Congressional Committee on Constitution and Regulations will be the final word on that country’s new data retention law after its review, expected in the next few weeks. And in the U.S., California lawmakers are pushing for restrictions on drones, and SB 1833, an amendment to the Illinois Personal Information Protection Act Personal Information Protection Act, is awaiting the governor’s signature.


The National Law Review reports that the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has “expressed doubts over the appropriateness” of a governmental draft data retention bill.

The Japanese government has adopted a draft cybersecurity strategy, reports The Japan Times.

The Peruvian Congressional Committee on Constitution and Regulations will review the government’s data retention decree in the coming weeks, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports, noting that it will decide the ultimate fate of the decree.

Drinker Biddle offers an overview of proposed federal student privacy legislation in the U.S. in this Lexology report.

California lawmakers are working to restrict drones on many fronts, reports PublicCEO.

State Tech offers an overview of Delaware’s new slate of Internet privacy laws.

An op-ed in the News-Gazette touts the benefits of Illinois’ SB 1833, an amendment to the Personal Information Protection Act, currently waiting for the signature of Gov. Bruce Rauner to become law.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Miller (D-Mt. Lebanon) is drafting student privacy legislation.


Data Quality Campaign’s latest Privacy Tracker Student Privacy Legislative Update indicates it is now tracking 182 student data privacy bills in 46 states.


The Federal Communications Commission is planning to develop new privacy rules for Internet providers this fall, following its net neutrality decision earlier this year, and those rules "could have big implications for companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast," The Washington Post reports.

The Department of Education has published draft guidance for colleges to best navigate the use of student medical records while respecting privacy, Inside Higher Ed reports. The guidance is open for comments until October 2.

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) is championing AB116, which aims to mandate that smart TV users be "explicitly informed" their devices might record their conversations, Associated Press reports.

In San Jose, CA, the city's mayor and one city councilman have put forward a new proposal that would allow garbage trucks to use license-plate readers to feed data automatically to city police, Ars Technica reports.


India’s Ministry of Science & Technology's Department of Biotechnology has posted its Human DNA Profiling Bill for public feedback through August 20, The Wire reports.


The Offices of the Privacy Commissioner and of the BC and Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioners have created new guidelines for BYOD programs, Vancouver Sun reports.

CBC News reports, Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton is appealing a ruling that "significantly limits her powers to hold the government accountable" to Canada's Supreme Court.


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