In a column for The Telegraph, Russ Shaw, Tech London Advocates founder and former vice president of Skype, urges the private sector to take the lead in helping create what Tim Berners-Lee has proposed as a digital Magna Carta. “The agility that the web has given consumers means that establishing a relationship of trust between user and brand has become more valuable than ever,” he writes. Yet, Shaw concedes, “Providing the privacy that consumers are increasingly demanding, however, is easier said than done.” The digital world and web-based industry is “moving too fast for governments to keep up,” he argues, and, “Ultimately, the apparatus of government is often too cumbersome to keep up with an industry moving as fast as tech.” This puts, he writes, “the burden of responsibility” on the private sector, “and the prize for those companies who treat customers’ information responsibly has never been clearer.”
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