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Daily Dashboard | FOIA docs: DEA paid to train law enforcement on social media data mining Related reading: This team stands 'between users and the dark places of the internet'




Motherboard reports on information it obtained via the Freedom of Information Act outlining U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency funding to train other law enforcement on exploiting social media platforms to mine data. According to a statement of work, the DEA "is responsible for keeping up with the increasing use of emerging technologies as a means of communications used by the Drug Trafficking Organization's [sic] and to provide viable solutions to the field on how to exploit such technologies." The document adds that the training is open to other law enforcement within the DEA's purview, and that the DEA paid a training company $20,000 last year for two training sessions on various topics, including how to "locate hidden information" and "uncovering image metadata," according to the report. 
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  • comment RICHARD PRICE • Jun 28, 2017
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    Anyone who does not know the difference between a harmless, beneficial and healthful plant like marijuana and a dangerous and deadly chemical concoction like meth does not belong in any position of responsibility. Especially in law enforcement or political office. Others in the public should likewise be confined to a padded child's playroom with toys and safe items so they won't be allowed to harm themselves.
    Americans are sick of the drug war and the obvious idiots who wage it and the profiteers who exploit it solely for greed's sake.