Daily Dashboard | Edelson announces three new privacy lawsuits Related reading: NYTs silently corrects Uber story, but company still faces privacy outrage

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If you ask Jay Edelson, he'll tell you things are about to get significantly better for class-action litigants on the plaintiffs' side. He sees a shift in the way courts are willing or not willing to handle settlements. He's feeling good enough about the future of such cases, in fact, that he announced Wednesday three new filings on behalf of Edelson PC, his Chicago-based law firm, recently put forth or with plans to officially file, including one against Bose, for sharing its consumers' listening preferences with data miners, and one against Confident, the messaging app Trump campaigners reportedly used to leak news to journalists. The third is against MDLive, which Edelson is suing over alleged patient privacy concerns. Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, has the details in this report for The Privacy Advisor. 
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