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Daily Dashboard | Could third-party doctrine op-ed spur SCOTUS attention on the issue? Related reading: Notes from the IAPP Editorial Director, April 19, 2019



Fusion’s Kashmir Hill tackles Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman’s op-ed on the third party doctrine, arguing that his belief that there should perhaps be greater legal safeguards around mobile data access could propel change. “No one is saying that police shouldn’t be able to get the information, just that there should be a higher legal barrier for the government to see the history of everyone’s movements,” Hill writes. “Silliman never says outright that police should need to get a probable cause warrant before snooping in customers’ location history, but he hints strongly that he, and thus Verizon, lean that way.” While the Supreme Court passed on tackling the issue in 2015, “with Verizon’s own lawyer bringing it to attention, perhaps the justices will hear it now,” she adds.
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