If recent stories showing the permanence of Snapchat’s supposedly ephemeral photo sharing didn’t convince you, perhaps the launch of the new will. As Beta Beat reports, the startup website allows users to upload photos that have been sent to them, despite the senders’ assumption that they would be deleted after only 10 seconds of viewing. While the site covers up “naughty bits” and doesn’t display a Snapchat ID, there is still some speculation as to whether the site will lead to lawsuits. “All images are user-submitted,” the site’s creators told UK tabloid Metro, “if the person asks to take them down, we do. Most see it as fun and getting ‘Facebook famous’.” Editor’s Note: Jed Bracy, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, wrote about how Snapchat plays into cyberstalking and cyberbullying recently for Privacy Perspectives.
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