Maine State Rep. Sharon Treat (D-District 79) has introduced a bill that would set a 30-day window for organizations to report breaches and establish fines of $1,000 to $5,000 for violations. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court’s ruling against a teacher who sought to prevent the disclosure of his home address. In New York, a Monroe County Court judge has ruled a cell phone user has no reasonable expectation of privacy that police will not use the phone’s GPS function for tracking purposes. In Utah, a bill forbidding employers and schools from requesting workers’ and students’ social media passwords or usernames has passed the House. In California, a lawmaker has introduced a bill that would extend the Song-Beverly Act to online purchases. And in Minnesota, criminal charges have been dismissed against a Minneapolis city employee who “allegedly used driver’s license information inappropriately.” One expert says data breach prosecutions are very rare.
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