Alan Westin, a groundbreaking scholar of information privacy who helped influence a generation of privacy study and the privacy profession itself, passed away Monday at the age of 83. “Today, literally tens of thousands of statutes, court decisions, regulations and company best practice standards, throughout the globe, are based upon” principles set forth by Westin, said friend and Arnall Golden Gregory Privacy Partner Bob Belair. The Privacy Advisor explores Westin’s legacy in this exclusive feature, including commentary from privacy notables. As Indiana University Prof. Fred Cate told The Privacy Advisor, “Alan's passing is especially hard to come to grips with because he was such a larger-than-life figure who not only helped to create and define the modern field of privacy law but welcomed, included and mentored so many of us who followed in his giant footsteps. I wouldn't be in privacy law if it weren't for Alan, and I suspect that is true--directly or indirectly--for many IAPP members.”
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