A Vancouver-based advocacy group recently published an e-mail from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) asking the police community to share instances where current privacy legislation compromises investigations, according to The Wire Report. A spokesman for the CACP said that lawful access helps police counter serious crime. "It is not," he said, "as some would like us to believe, being used to target the surfing habits of Canadians...It is based on highly controlled usage to respond to criminal activities which today operate in a safe haven of anonymity." The advocacy group, OpenMedia.ca, said, "The CACP is attempting to counter what they call 'ill-informed criticism' from the public in regards to the proposed legislation--known as 'Lawful Access' or 'online spying' bills." Meanwhile, The Globe and Mail reports that the Harper government will soon introduce new lawful access legislation that would allow authorities to acquire mobile numbers and IP addresses, among other data, without a warrant. The potential move has privacy commissioners across the country expressing concerns, the report states.
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