Noting that Internet technology law and policy can be "notoriously unpredictable," Michael Geist asserts in the Toronto Star that 2012 "promises to be a busy year." Among a host of potential issues, Geist makes predictions on the introduction of lawful access legislation, anti-spam regulations, Bill C-11 and the testing of the constitutionality of PIPEDA. In the Dominion, Kimberly Croswell writes, "It won't be long before Canadian privacy laws regarding telecommunications come under attack again," adding that "the federal government is likely to soon change them in a push towards facilitating online surveillance of individuals' lives." The recent border pact between Canada and the U.S. now precipitates hard work "on determining what it means for Canadians," writes Peter McKenna. Meanwhile, a column in The Windsor Star claims that the "verdict is still out" on the effectiveness of smart meters.
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