Web giant Google is expected to unveil its own do-not-track tool for its Chrome Web browser as early as today, POLITICO reports. The tool, called "Keep My Opt-Outs," marks the latest in corporate responses to the Federal Trade Commission's calls for companies to create browser-based do-not-track mechanisms to protect consumers' online privacy. "We're always looking into new tools to give people more transparency and control over their online privacy, and we think it's great when other companies do too," said Google VP and Deputy General Counsel Nicole Wong. The new tool builds off of work by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the report states, and focuses on allowing Web users to opt out of targeted ads based on their online browsing habits. NAI's opt-out tool communicates those preferences via cookie, POLITICO reports, but those preferences "can be deleted whenever you erase your saved history," while Google's "Keep My Opt-Outs" is permanent.
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