Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart today announced that the issues prompting her yearlong investigation of Facebook have been resolved to her satisfaction. "Overall, Facebook has implemented the changes it promised following our investigation," Stoddart said. She called the changes, which include Facebook's implementation of measures to limit the sharing of personal information with third-party application developers and providing users with clear information about its privacy practices, "reasonable" and said they comply with Canadian privacy law. "However, our work with Facebook is not over," Stoddart said in a press release, adding that new user complaints are now being examined and that she has asked the site to continue to improve its oversight of third-party applications. David Fewer, director of the Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), the organization that filed the complaint that prompted the commissioner's investigation, noted the progress made, but told the Daily Dashboard that CIPPIC continues to have concerns about personal information disclosures to third parties and the amount of control users have over their personal information. "CIPPIC, for its part, is continuing to look at Facebook's practices," he said.
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